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Dzi (zee) Beads are among the most highly sought and valued collectible beads. Authentic agate Dzi beads are spiritual relics for many Tibetans and are handed down as precious heirlooms from one generation of the family to the next. They are considered to be one of the most potent magickal charms a person can possess. Many of the older beads are from hundreds or even over a thousand years ago and are sold for thousands of dollars. Some that have the special qualities collectors seek, such as: excellent condition, uncommon patterns, or number of eyes, and the rare red ‘Cinnabar’ spots on them, have even gone for over a million dollars.  

Dzi Beads are still being dug up in Nepal to this day. In fact, because ancient Dzi beads were always originally found in the ground and no one knew how to duplicate them, Tibetans did not consider them man-made, but rather a wonderful ancient natural gift of the Gods that conveyed protection, health, wealth, love, and more on the possessor.

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