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This is a lovely, 3-eye Dzi (zee) Bead with the central three eyes framed by a sharp-pointed tiger teeth motif. All the designs on the bead are enhanced with thin, crisp lines of inlaid gold helping the pale white surface patterns jump out from the darker background agate. This is also one of those interesting Dzi beads that looks like a dark agate at first glance, but when backlit with a light the inner translucent amber color illuminates a warm, inner radiance that shows through the bead.


Three is a key number in Celestine Light as it represents the Elohim – the Father, Mother, and Son. In Tibetan culture, 3-eye Dzi beads represent the three stars of luck, happiness, and longevity. In China, it is considered to embody the Three Stars of Luck from the Three Star Elders: Shousin, Fusin, and Lusin, who bring happiness in all areas of life: health, family, wealth, luck, love, career, and creative success. In Buddhism, the 3-eye Dzi Bead symbolizes the God of Wealth Drazmbala, who is most helpful for all types of prosperity in the world.


When we were assessing this bead for its natural attraction to magickal energies, the traditional energies ascribed to the bead of happiness in all areas of life are truly there. However, it’s greatest magnetic magickal attractions were for helping the wearer have a clearer, more personal connection to the Elohim, and to help them to more easily desire and achieve harmony with their heart, mind, body, and spirit, which are represented on the Dzi bead by the three eyes and the Tiger Teeth. It is the balance in harmony in those four key areas that facilitates success in manifesting the traditional powers of the 3-eye Dzi bead of luck, success, happiness, and longevity.


This special bead has been enchanted by three Adepts in a Celestine Light Circle of Power to amplify all the natural magickal qualities of the 3-eye Dzi Bead; help the wearer have a more personal connection to God; and have a greater harmony and unity of their heart, mind, body, and spirit, for all their important decisions, actions, and lifestyle choices.


The following Stewardship Angels were also called upon during the enchantment process to add their special energy to this enchanted 3 Eyes Dzi Bead:


Colopatiron and Nisroc, Angel of Peace of Heart and Mind

Jaliziya, Angel of the Ja Ki

Kajabonel, Grounding of Heart and Mind

Kazatorel, Angel of Manifestation


50mm x 12mm

Enchanted 3-Eye Gold Inlaid Dzi Bead

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