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Sumara Love, Embrosewyn Tazkuvel, and Skye Lani: Celestine Light Magickal Adepts


How our Gems, Jewelry and Tools are Enchanted

Each gemstone, crystal, piece of jewelry, and tool, is selected for its capacity to hold and emanate specific enchanted energies. While anything can be enchanted, the potent magickal energy imbued in the object will dissipate fairly quickly unless the gemstone, crystal, tool, or other objects have properties that align harmoniously with the enchanted purpose and help amplify the magickal energy.

A good example is an enchantment for love. Most people when they think of love will picture heart shapes and the colors of pink or red. It holds true that any mineral or gemstone with pink or red color shaped in a heart will hold enchanted energy related to love more than other gems or objects of different colors or shapes.

At the opposite extreme, you could take a lump of black coal and even someone knowing little about magickal energies would be able to tell you that love energy would not abide as well in a lump of black coal as it would in a beautiful, pink gemstone heart.

However, even when you have the right color and optimum shape for a specific enchantment, all gemstones of that color and shape are not equal in their ability to retain and emanate the enchanted energy imbued within them. Higher quality, deeper color, and when possible, chatoyant rays of internal light, all contribute to increasing the gemstone's capacity to retain enchanted energy and radiate it powerfully for a longer period of time.

When dealing with metals quality is again paramount. Plated items should be avoided whenever possible. The plating is a separate coating from the base metal and tends to prevent an object from being imbued with full-strength magickal energy. Alloys where multiple metals are blended into a homogeneous metal work fine for enchantments. The only exception to this rule is if the item is a magickal sigil or symbol, such as the Celestine Light emblem. In those instances, even a plated item can hold great magickal power because of the resonance of the sigil itself.

For most magickal enchantments involving metallic items, the more pure and noble the metal, the greater amount of enchanted energy it can hold and the more powerful it will emanate the energy and retain its magickal power for a longer period of time. The best metals in order of magickal potency are Platinum, Gold, Silver, Copper, Bronze, and Stainless Steel. 

Once we have selected the best gemstones, crystals, or other items for the specific magickal purpose and mated them with a complimentary metal if they are jewelry, or made them into tools, then the actual enchantment crafting and process takes place. All of our enchantments are custom crafted, created, and cast in a Circle of Power, by three Celestine Light Adepts that have combined magickal experience and training of over 150 years.

The enchantment process is multi-stage and requires a special setting, specific preparations, and closely guarded magickal methods. The end result is a beautiful gemstone, crystal, piece of jewelry, or magickal tool that radiates potent magickal energy to enhance and fulfill the desires of its new owner.

A Note on Price

The final retail price on a gemstone, crystal, piece of jewelry, or a magickal tool depends upon four factors: 

1. Rarity

2. Quality

3. Size

4. Complexity of the enchantment

We have suppliers from miners and jewelers all over the world. We seek out rare and unusual items from them that will have special resonance with specific magickal enchantments. Our goal is to be able to create magickal enchantments imbued into beautiful gems, jewelry, crystals and tools that can help our clients in every aspect of their life. We create multi-stage, complex enchantments for each object we enchant to ensure they radiate the maximum power and benefit to their future owners.

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