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Just holding this enchanted 7-Eye Dzi Bead in your hand, it is easy to immediately sense some awe and wonder. The special energy is noticeable. The craftsmanship is superb, especially the use of silver wire to outline all of the design elements of the bead.


In traditional Buddhist meanings, the 7-Eye Dzi Bead helps to draw in energy to help achieve fame & glory, health & longevity, and find career and creative success.


In many East Asian cultures, the 7-Eye Dzi Bead is representative of the seven planets of the solar system and the Constellation of the Great Bear. The Great Bear in turn is considered the home of the Seven Buddhas of Medicine, which will help the wearer of the 7-Eye Dzi develop and retain superior health, maintain emotional balance and achieve longevity and a happy life.


This special bead has been enchanted by three Adepts in a Celestine Light Circle of Power to:


  • Amplify all the natural magickal qualities of the 7-Eye Dzi Bead
  • Help the wearer to have better health and longevity by guiding them to better choices and helping them to have the willpower to follow through.
  • Help the wearer to have more self-confidence and greater inspiration to express their creativity, while helping open paths to higher acclaim and even fame. Over time the enchantment of the 7-Eye Dzi Bead can manifest in great success in any creative field, particularly in the performing arts.


The following Stewardship Angels were also called upon during the enchantment process to add their special energy to this enchanted 7-Eye Dzi Bead:


Alishalani: Angel of Personality Enhancement and Enhanced Interactions with Others

Ellicielle: Angel of Negating Self-Sabotage

Kalalatair: Angel of Energy & Vitality

Sallisels: Angel of Happiness

Yadadinel: Angel of Well-Being

Sertaleva: Angel of Sleep

Uharlize: Angel of Diet

Xiyadaine: Angel of Exercise

Elliquel: Angel of Contentment

Salan: Angel of Wellness

Quanvera: Angel of Healing



Enchanted 7-Eye Silver Wire Inlaid Dzi Bead

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