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No photo can capture the full color and brilliance of this beautiful piece of fine crystal glass with a detailed 3D winged angel inside inscribed by a laser. The 3 inch x 2 inch block of fine crystal weighs a hefty one pound and sits on top of a crystal glass light box illuminated by seven colored LED lights. They shine up through the crystal block in a gentle transition through the seven colors and combinations of the seven. The effect upon your heart, mind and other energy centers is simultaneously uplifting, peaceful and comforting.


This captivating angel crystal has been enchanted by three Celestine Light Adepts in a Circle of Power to ensure that any and all angels that can help you in your life at any moment in time will be there for you: holding you, loving you, and blessing you. Once you have spent some time in the presence of the Rainbow Light Angel Crystal it will be energetically attuned to you for the rest of your life, automatically insuring that all the angels you are in need of at any moment are blessing you with their love and power.


An enchanted piece of polished Opalite, the specific calling stone of angels, also rests on top of the Rainbow Light Angel Crystal. If you need to be away from the angel crystal for a little time, just take the opalite stone with you. It will carry the full energy of the Rainbow Light Angel Crystal independently for 12 hours, meaning all the angels you have need of will continue to automatically be all around you and blessing you. To recharge the Opalite simply let it rest on top of the illuminated Rainbow Light Angel Crystal again for at least 12 hours.


To further enhance the magick of this enchantment we had to do something very special, something not done even in part, for any other enchantment. Other enchanted objects have specific purposes that are supported by specific Stewardship Angels related to those purposes. However, as the Rainbow Light Angel Crystal is all encompassing, it will continually call in every Stewardship Angel that can help you at any particular moment in time. To insure that would be the case we had to call upon the Archangels who preside over all of the Stewardship Angels, to imbue their energy to insure that whatever Stewardship Angels you need within the Archangels responsibility, will always be there for you.


These are the Archangels that also imbued their energy and blessings into the Rainbow Light Angel Crystal:


Qwrtheyrn, the Archangel of Attitude

Teyzekael, the Archangel of Avocation

Shimwemwe, the Archangel of Creative Expansion

Churisel, the Archangel of Dreams

Gaeanaire, the Archangel of Life

Wezantiel, the Archangel of Longevity

Balasuintha, the Archangel of Personal Development

Xeomilaith, the Archangel of Psychic and Paranormal Abilities

Saveinn, the Archangel of Relationships

Azrael, the Archangel of the Soul

Gabriel, the Archangel of Divine Connections

Yadadinel, the Archangel of Well-being

Enchanted Rainbow Light Angel Blessings & Beacon

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