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We were very fortunate to be able to acquire a small number of rare Rainbow Iris Agates, including some of the ultra-rare round shape gems slices. While all Rainbow Iris Agate is considered rare and is sold by the carat like diamonds and rubies, AAA quality Rainbow Iris Agate Rounds are virtually unobtainable, much rarer than most precious gemstones. Natural shapes other than round tend to be at a slightly lower grade such as AA, or A, with less rainbow scintillation, hence they have a correspondingly lower price per carat.


The unique quality of this little treasure is its chameleon-like ability to change from a fairly plain-looking agate into a fiery gemstone of undulating, rainbow colors when it is backlit by a light at certain angles. To attain this effect the agate is sliced into very thin slices with a diamond saw and then polished. The amazing scintillating rainbow effect will appear when the gemstone slice is held up to the sun or backlit by an artificial light.


Once enchanted, the ability of the Rainbow Agate to change in an instant from plain to extraordinary mirrors the ability of this gemstone to help whoever possesses it to do the same with their own life. Most people know there is something great inside of them calling for something greater. They know their talents and abilities as they are used in mundane ways in the world only show a fraction of the potential they have to be more and do more, even to achieve greatness in some arena of life.


Sadly, while many people know with certainty that there is far more potential inside them than anyone has ever realized, they are often lost as to how to pinpoint exactly what that potential is and how to unleash it.


Each of our Rainbow Iris Agates has been enchanted by three Adepts in a Celestine Light Circle of Power to help those who possess one to see with clarity the path they need to take to unleash the greatness inside them. If they need more knowledge or need to discover a person to help them, the enchanted Rainbow Iris Agate will lead them with thoughts appearing spontaneously in their mind, where they should go to find that which they seek. If they need a breakthrough inspirational idea for a business or endeavor, the enchanted Rainbow Iris Agate will help illuminate them.


Often times answers to our life’s questions that are oblivious to our conscious mind, are very present in our deeper sub-conscious Higher Self. If you seek to discover your own hidden wisdom and knowledge, gazing at the enchanted Rainbow Iris Agate as it explodes in color will mesmerize you into a higher state of consciousness that gives you access to your own higher, inner knowledge.


The following 21 Stewardship Angels were also called upon during the enchantment process to imbue their powerful energies into the enchanted gemstone:


Ralchosabar: Angel of Self-confidence

Graszaneen: Angel of Self-empowerment

Ionestia: Angel of Initiative

Sarkaroc: Angel of Catalyst Energy

Sijon: Angel of Achievement

Zarquel: Angel of Self-motivation

Shuzuwass: Angel of Positive Possibilities

Telarzarel: Angel of Destiny

Uljani: Angel of Meditation

Vivasianna: Angel of Honest Introspection

Jorentin: Angel of Ideas

Yisradan: Angel of Ingenuity

Molchan: Angel of Knowledge

Ahnsovald: Angel of Ventures

Zharaies: Angel of Vision

Zaeschylus: Angel of Balance

Urarella: Angel of Choices

Jaelkavel: Angel of Legacy

Lakajinal: Angel of Life Purpose

Vaalderyn: Angel of Resonance

Jelehnessu: Angel of Discernment


While the rainbow effect can be seen to some degree or other with any backlight source including the sun, to receive the best results you should be in a dark room, with a small artificial light in one hand and the enchanted Rainbow Iris Agate in your other hand. Hold the agate slice below you and shine the light source up from behind it. Experiment with holding the light at different distances and angles in relation to the agate slice. If your light is too bright it will wash out the rainbow colors. A little experimentation, with different light intensities, distances, and angles, will allow you to find the optimum combination for the maximum rainbow effect.


Please note that our pictures were taken under ideal lighting and photographing conditions and you are unlikely to be able to duplicate the vividness of the colors in our pictures. To get the best idea of what your enchanted Rainbow Iris Agate will look like once you optimize the lighting, please view the video we have included with this listing.


Also note that to view all the items available use the drop-down menu with this listing. As you click on each item its picture and price will come up. All of the items listed are comparable AAA quality and are almost indiscernible from one another. As these are valuable gemstones the differences in price merely reflect each item's carat weight.

Rainbow Iris Agate 47.05ct

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