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You’ve likely never seen an amethyst cluster that sparkles like faceted diamonds as much as this one does! Most crystal faces of any type of crystal in the quartz family, like amethyst, will have some sparkle to them. But Uruguayan amethysts from one particular mine, have virtually no micro-etched lines on them, which is normally a natural result of the crystal growth. These extraordinary Uruguayan amethyst crystal clusters have exceptionally smooth crystal faces. The absence of micro-growth lines results in brilliant light-reflecting ability and an almost mesmerizing sparkle. The amethyst crystal cluster is a perfect size for sitting on your desk, or by your bedside.


This rare Uruguayan amethyst crystal cluster has been enchanted by three Adepts in a Celestine Light Circle of Power to highly activate and enhance the psychic abilities of anyone within 9 feet of the enchanted amethyst. The more frequently someone is exposed to the magickal energy of the crystal cluster the greater the benefit will be to expanding and increasing their psychic abilities.


Walls will not impede the magickal energy, but the effect will be even greater if you are looking at or holding the enchanted amethyst crystal cluster while you are initiating using your psychic powers.

The following Stewardship Angels were also called upon during the enchantment process to imbue their special energies into the Amethyst Crystal Cluster:


Xeomilath: Archangel of Psychic & Paranormal Abilities

Karondarel: Angel of Manifestation

Zarvanel: Angel of Hidden Power

Ralchosabar: Angel of Self-confidence

Sijon: Angel of Achievement

Xeramqa: Angel of the Xe Root Ki Energy Center

Celazial: Angel of Magickal Energy Amplification

Ujara: Angel of Unleashing Inner Psychic and Paranormal Powers


Note: the Archangel Xeomilaith is the supervising angel over all the Stewardship Angels responsible for individual psychic and paranormal abilities. There are over three dozen Stewardship Angels that have responsibilities over specific psychic and paranormal abilities. By calling on the Archangel Xeomilaith during the enchantment, all of the Stewardship Angels, such as Ulalyani, the Angel of Claircognizance, or Korbon, the Angel of Telepathy, or Jarmion, the Angel of Telekinesis, are activated when they are needed, to come and assist you to have the increased and enhanced psychic abilities and paranormal powers, when you are within the enchanted 9 foot space of the enchanted Uruguayan Amethyst Crystal Cluster.


Size: 78x51x46mm Weight:  338g (12 oz.)

Enchanted Uraguayan Amethyst Crystal Geode

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