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This is a beautiful, exceptional-quality unicorn carving out of Rainbow Fluorite. It has a high-gloss polish and is first-rate craftsmanship at every point.


Three Magickal Adepts enchanted this gorgeous sculpture in a Celestine Light Circle of Power. It is imbued with magickal and angelic energies to help dreams come true. The magnitude of magick makes it a very powerful item, so be very sure and certain of what you wish for.


To activate the magick, hold the unicorn between your two hands with the horn facing you. Speak aloud the dream you wish to come true while lightly touching your forehead with the tip of the horn. Repeat again, but this time touch the tip to your heart areas rather than your head. Repeat a third time and touch the tip first to your forehead and then to your heart. You may do this as often as you wish and as many days as you want. Every time you activate the enchantment you summon magickal energies that are amplified from repeated coalescing around you and the enchanted unicorn.


Please understand the Enchanted Unicorn Sculpture does not work like the fairy tale of Aladdin’s lamp to grant instant wish fulfillment. It acts as a magnet to coalesce the magickal and real-life energies that will help you achieve your desire. But you still must actively act to make your dream come true. For example, you may wish to become the President of the United States. But all the magick in the world will not fulfill that wish unless you take action to make it happen. If you just sat in an easy chair at home waiting for the leaders of Congress to come knocking on your door begging you to become the president, you will have an interminably long wait.


What the Enchanted Unicorn will do is bring people into your life who can help you and want to help you.  The magickal flow will bring unexpected opportunities that can help manifest your desires. The magick will prompt you to make good choices and decisions that will speed you along the way to your goals. It will heighten your intuition greatly, warning you of pitfalls so you can avoid them, and strongly guide you to people, places, and situations that will either fulfill your desire or bring you closer to it.


The magick the Enchanted Unicorn possesses will surround you whenever you are in a situation where you need luck and good fortune to be in your favor, helping you succeed in situations you otherwise would not have. Whatever it is that you need to win, whether that is greater mental clarity or memory, someone being receptive to your proposal or idea, an opening becoming available so you can move ahead, financing falling into place, or simply having a great idea that can change your life, the magick of the Enchanted Unicorn will make all good things in your life more possible and obtainable as you make the effort to make it so.


The following 21 Stewardship Angels were called upon individually during the enchantment process to imbue their special energy into the Enchanted Flying Unicorn Rainbow Fluorite Sculpture.


Karondarel: Angel of Manifestation

Ellicielle: Angel of Negating Self Sabotage

Graszaneen: Angel of Self-empowerment

Ionestia: Angel of Initiative

Nardaxia: Angel of Negative Energy Annulment

Sardarondel: Angel of Mental Clarity

Sarkaroc: Angel of Catalyst Energy

Shuzuwass: Angel of Positive Possibilities

Xeramqua: Angel of the Xe Ki (psychic energy center)

Xezerahim: Angel of Higher Consciousness

Zarvanel: Angel of Hidden Power

Veliton: Angel of Action

Huberon: Angel of Abundance

Jorentin: Angel of Ideas

Zharaies: Angel of Vision

Urarella: Angel of Choices

Vaalderyn: Angel of Resonance

Ulyvindr: Angel of Memory

Auxallias: Angel of Persistence

Paschar: Angel of Blessings

Wizmar: Angel of Good Fortune


Size: 114x102x27mm   Weight (approx.): 420g

Enchanted Unicorn Bust in Rainbow Fluorite Sculpture

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