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This dramatic dragon pendant is set in solid sterling silver. The gemstone is a blend of turquoise with natural copper.


The dragon pendant was enchanted in a Circle of Power by three Celestine Light Adepts to enhance many aspects of the wearer’s spiritual journey, while amplifying their confidence to live their faith.

The special blending of copper and turquoise also allowed this beautiful pendant to be enchanted to help the wearer discover a higher spiritual and enlightened state and path while still remaining grounded and practical in day-to-day life.


The following Stewardship Angels were called to also imbue their special energy into the pendant:


Brosiel: Angel of Spiritual Harmony

Lehona: Angel of Truth

Kadonacai: Angel of Spiritual Awakening

Serusha: Angel of Spiritual Development

Balderan: Angel of Spiritual Discernment

Elchiyus: Angel of Faith

Ralchosobar: Angel of Self-confidence

Stradanel: Angel of Good Character

Paschar: Angel of Blessings

Torquazon: Angel of Courage

Xezerahim: Angel of Higher Consciousness

Enchanted Turquoise and Copper Dragon Pendant

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