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Siberian Charoite is a truly luscious lavender stone. If you look closely you'll see one of its distinctive characteristics in addition to its brilliant color, is an intriguing swirl pattern naturally flowing thru the stone. The swirling eddies of color are very appropriate as they show movement and change and Charoite is exceptionally useful as a stone to hold enchanted energy to aid transformation and change in your life.


This beautiful ring combines two marvelous purple stones - raw chips of amethyst, with Siberian Charoite, set in sterling silver.  The ring has been enchanted by three Adepts of Celestine Light in a Circle of Power to emanate magickal energy to help effect the changes you need and desire in your life.


When you meditate, enchanted Charoite will also be very helpful in connecting you to the wisdom and memories of past lives; not just your own but even to useful memories of other people!


Whatever change you are seeking, whether in a relationship, a career, or just in your own character, habits, and who you are as a person, this enchanted Charoite ring can help.


During the enchantment process, the following Stewardship Angels were also called upon to imbue their special energy into the enchanted pendant:


Ukolesqua:  Angel of Past Lives

Lhyrsanthe: Angel of Transition

Ukolesqua: Angel of Past Lives

Iustachys: Angel of Interlife Connections

Lhyrsanthe: Angel of Transition

Grascual: Angel of Communication

Karondarel: Angel of Manifestation

Graszaneen: Angel of Self-empowerment

Dalsaleen: Angel of Message Dreams

Ellicielle: Angel of Negating Self-sabotage

Ingjelish: Angel of Initiative


Ring Size: 7.5

Enchanted Size 7.5 Charoite Ring

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