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Pristine white, silky, and translucent, Selenite is an elegant and beautiful mineral. It has a pearly, mystical glow and was more commonly known as 'Satin Spar' in previous generations. It is said to have been named after the ancient Greek goddess of the moon, Selene.


Our Selenite Palm Stones have been enchanted and imbued with magickal energy by three Celestine Light Adepts in a Circle of Power, to help the possessor clear energy blockages in their Energy Centers.


Lying on your back and resting the palm stone at the location in your body of an energy blockage, such as the heart or mind area, will help that energy center re-establish a calm, balanced, energetic flow. Regular use of the enchanted Selenite Palm Stone in this manner will help clear energy blockages and restore speed and rotation in any of the seven major Chakras. It will aid elimination of negative auric vortexes and gently diminish walls or other impediments to a normal, healthy energy flow.


In the outer aura it can be used to quickly heal rips and tears in the auric field or bring light to dark voids by simply rubbing it gently over the affected area.


Energy parasites that attach to the auric field can also be removed with the enchanted Selenite Palm Stone.


This wonderful enchanted stone will emit especially soothing and healing energy to the mind and will be very useful to help anyone suffering from mental distress of any kind. It is very helpful to have soft, soothing music quietly playing in the background when using the enchanted Selenite Palm Stone for healing or Energy balancing.


The following Stewardship Angels were also called in during the enchantment process to imbue their potent special energy into the stone:


Leisyll, the Angel of Calm

Nayaliel, the Angel of Release

Kajallias, the Angel of Music

Dahlshabon, the Angel of Resonance

Kalalatair, the Angel of Energy & Vitality

Salan, the Angel of Wellness

Lazon, the Angel of Energy Healing


Size: 64x46x24mm


Note: Each enchanted Palm Stone comes in a soft drawstring pouch. Selenite is very soft and should be kept in the enclosed pouch or similar covering when not in use to protect it from getting scratched.


Enchanted Selenite Palm Stone

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