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This stunning pendant is crafted in solid sterling silver. It has 27 luscious natural rubies around the perimeter, 26 natural topaz accent stones, and one large ruby center stone.* Ruby red is the color that resonates with passion and this vivacious pendant does not disappoint!


As an extra bonus, ruby is one of the most powerful naturally magickal minerals, which is evident by its bright red fluorescence under a UV 295nm light. (see the picture). The perimeter rubies are all natural, untreated rubies. The center ruby is also natural, but has been heat-treated enhanced which is why it fluoresces differently than the 27 perimeter rubies.


This beautiful ruby pendant has been enchanted by three Adepts in a Celestine Light Circle of Power, to instill passion in its possessor for whatever purpose they desire or need greater passion. While passion is traditionally associated with romantic relationships, the magickal power of this pendant will also enliven the owner with a passion for any purpose such as a passion for a new venture, passion for their health, passion for a political or moral cause, and of course more passion in their romantic life!


When worn, the magickal influence of this ruby pendant will open and enliven the heart energy center Root Ki / Chakra. This not only enlarges the possessor's capacity for passion but also brings harmony to their passion so it comes out only in beneficial and proportionate ways.


During the enchantment process, the following Stewardship Angels were also called upon to imbue their specific angelic energy into the pendant:


Carmentisia: Angel of Passion

Veliton: Angel of Action

Kalalatair: Angel of Energy & Vitality

Vellusia: Angel of Romantic Love

Jalizia: Angel the Ja Ki (heart energy center)

Enchanted Ruby Pendant

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