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Lovely rose-colored Rhodonite is an ore of manganese, which accounts for the black streaks commonly seen in the stone, which can be quite striking visually against the colorful pink background.


This beautiful Rhodonite pendant is set in sterling silver and has been magickally enchanted by three Adepts in a Celestine Light Circle of Power. The enchantment will emanate out strongly to anyone wearing or holding the pendant. It will aid whoever wears it to dispel worry and anxiety, exerting a calming energy to help them to not become emotionally overwhelmed by life’s challenges, including unpleasant and even tragic events. It will help the owner to not experience emotional panic and to remain grounded in their heart and mind even when dealing with raw and painful situations.


This Rhodonite pendant has been further enchanted to help the wearer have love for themselves, and to make choices and decisions that reflect a desire to nurture and care for their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It will help motivate them to let go of self-destructive habits and replace them with self-building and enriching habits, and release anger and resentment toward others, replacing those feelings with love and forgiveness, and acting as a balm to heal mental and emotional scars.


The following Stewardship Angels were called upon during the enchantment process to also imbue their special angelic energy into the enchanted Rhodonite pendant:


Colopatiron & Nisroc: Angels of Peace of Heart & Mind

Elchius: Angel of Faith

Elliquel: Angel of Contentment

Hahatah: Angel of Enthusiasm

Jaliziya: Angel of Ja (Heart) Ki (Energy Center)

Kajabonel: Angel of Grounding of Heart & Mind

Kalalatair: Angel of Energy & Vitality

Kazatorel: Angel of the Ka (mind) Ki (Energy Center)

Leisyll: Angel of Calm

Luxellios: Angel of Self-Love

Quanvera: Angel of Emotional Healing

Ralchosabar: Angel of Self-Confidence

Salan: Angel of Wellness

Sallisels: Angel of Happiness

Tulbadanbur: Angel of Courage

Vohumanah: Angel of Optimism

Yadadinel: Angel of Well-Being

Zaechylus: Angel of Balance

Enchanted Rhodonite Pendant

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