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We were very fortunate to obtain several sterling silver pendants made with high-end, AAA-quality Rhodochrosite. It is very difficult to find Rhodochrosite of this quality. It is deep, intense pink, with awesome translucency when held up to light. High-quality gems such as these are capable of holding amazing and powerful enchantments.


Please select from the drop-down menu to see all of the beautiful Rhodochrosite pendants we currently have in stock. Each item has its own set of pictures. Some of the pendants have black highlights from the mineral manganese. Look closely and you’ll see gold pyrite intertwined inside the manganese. Other pendants have ivory highlights from carbonate minerals. Some of both types have accents stones of either garnet or black onyx.


Our Rhodocrosite pendants have been enchanted by three Adepts in a Celestine Light Circle of Power with multiple magickal qualities.


  • Wearing an enchanted Rhodocrosite pendant will surround you with calm and peaceful energy which is a firm foundation for greater blessings to come.
  • The magickal energy of peace and calm will also soothe others that are nearby.
  • It will facilitate your connection to the divine energy of light and all the blessings thereof.
  • It will emanate an aura of love, helping you be able to express your love more through words and deeds and entice and encourage others to express their love to you as well.
  • It will attract you to people, pets, organizations, objects, and events that will bless you with opportunities for greater support, love, and fulfillment.
  • It will enhance the love and passion in an existing romantic relationship, or lead you to fulfilling love and passion in a new relationship.


The following Stewardship Angels were also called upon during the enchantment process to imbue their special energy and blessings into the Rhodocrosite pendant:


Jaliziya, the Angel of the Heart Energy Center

Karondarel, the Angel of Manifestation

Uljani, the Angel of Meditation

Shuzuwass, the Angel of Positive Possibilities

Leisyll, the Angel of Calm

Luxellios, the Angel of Self-love

Elliquel, the Angel of Contentment

Jelarysa, the Angel of the Inner Child

Carmetisia, the Angel of Passion

Dalafarus, the Angel of Friendship with Animals

Vestasaniel, the Angel of Relationship Harmony

Shezarli, the Angel of Unconditional Love

Enchanted Rhodochrosite Pendants

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