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Made of the finest crystal glass, this exquisite pyramid has a natural ability to focus energy due to its pyramid shape. A mirror rainbow surface at the base has a concave or convex bowl in the center depending upon how the pyramid is oriented for its purpose.

The Rainbow Crystal Pyramid has been enchanted in a Circle of Power by three Celestine Light Adepts for two types of purposes. The first is to have the aid of magickal energy to obtain goals. The other is to be able to use the pyramid to powerfully amplify any healing work done with Reiki or any other energy techniques.

If you wish to use the Rainbow Crystal Pyramid to add magickal energy to help you succeed with a goal, you simply need to place a picture and the written words of what you desire to accomplish beneath the base of the pyramid. If you do not have a picture the written words will work alone. The pyramid needs to be kept in a room where you will regularly be within 8 feet of it. The pyramid will shoot the energy of your goal out in a powerful beam through its tip, rapidly coalescing helpful energies in the world beyond to aid in your quest. It will also radiate the magickal energy from all of its surface filling the room, motivating and inspiring you to do whatever you must do to also facilitate the accomplishing of your goal. (The larger pyramids hold more magickal energy and are the most powerful for these purposes.)


Some possible uses for this aspect of the Rainbow Crystal Pyramid to enhance and increase your likelihood of success would include:


* finding love, particularly with a specific person you have in mind (just put their picture and the   written words of what you desire to occur under the pyramid)

* winning the lottery (just put your ticket under the pyramid and write “WIN”

* getting hired for your dream job (put your picture along with a picture of the company logo and a few words of written description under the pyramid)


The Rainbow Crystal Pyramid can also be used for healing using energy techniques such as Reiki. It has been enchanted to amplify any healing energy poured into it. To use it for this purpose the person being healed or an assistant healer needs to hold the pyramid with the tip pointing down to the exact location in the body where the greatest problem lies and where the focused energy needs to be applied. By holding the pyramid upside down between two hands the tip can be gently placed against the skin. (The smaller pyramids are best to use for healing due to their lighter weight, when they are tip pointing down toward the body. But larger ones can be used if it is practical and the healer desires.)


Once the pyramid is positioned the healer should pour energy into the pyramid through its upturned base. This can be direct energy applied with their hands, or directing additional energy through a crystal or tool at the pyramid base, or even just placing another healing mineral or enchanted mineral on top of the upturned base and letting it rest there and release its healing energy for a few minutes.


During the enchantment process the following Stewardship Angels were called upon to also imbue their special energy into the pyramid:


Veliton, the Angel of Action

Shalith, the Angel of Helpfulness

Huberon, the Angel of Abundance

Sijon, the Angel of Achievement

Larsarai, the Angel of Focus

Jorentin, the Angel of Ideas

Yisradan, the Angel of Ingenuity

Salan, the Angel of Wellness

Quanvera, the Angel of Healing

Lazon, the Angel of Energy Healing

Paschar, the Angel of Blessings

Kalalatair, the Angel of Health & Vitality

Zarquel, the Angel of Self-motivation

Karondarel, the Angel of Manifestation

Ellicielle, the Angel for Negating Self-sabotage

Shuzuwass, the Angel of Positive Possibilities

Enchanted Rainbow Crystal Pyramid

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