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Quartz crystal makes a most perfect natural magick wand for virtually any purpose. It is a versatile magickal mineral and conducts and amplifies a wide multitude of energies from your own auric field to magickal energies that you call in and coalesces for specific purposes.


Quartz Crystal Wands can be used for pinpoint energy applications with their pointed tip, or send amplified magickal energy over a wider area by using hand movements while holding and pointing the wand to define the space and focus the application within it.


Quartz crystal has a natural ability to amplify and discharge energy. During the days when radios and other electronic devices used transistors, high-quality quartz crystals were in great demand due to their ability to produce an electrical charge simply by having pressure applied to them. This is called the “piezoelectric effect.”


This expertly and brilliantly polished quartz crystal wand has been enchanted by three Adepts in a Celestine Light Circle of Power to greatly enhance its already impressive abilities to attract and control magickal energies, including healing energies. It has been specifically enchanted to create a synergy with its owner to allow them to easily call in magickal energies for their purposes and to be an amplified extension of their own auric power.


The following 14 Stewardship Angels were called upon individually during the enchantment process to imbue their special energy into the wand:


Karondarel: Angel of Manifestation

Celazial: Angel of Magickal Energy Amplification

Nardaxia: Angel of Negative Energy Annulment

Sarkaroc: Angel of Catalyst Energy

Xeramqua: Angel of the Xe Ki (psychic energy center)

Veliton: Angel of Action

Larsarai: Angel of Focus

Iskkeneder: Angel of the Unseen

Vaalderyn: Angel of Resonance

Quanvera: Angel of Healing

Aqudikael: Angel of Aura

Lazon: Angel of Healing Energy

Korbon: Angel of Telepathy

Ixchel: Angel of Hope


Size: 97mm x 37mm   (3.5 x 1.5 inches)

Weight: 298g

Enchanted Quartz Crystal Wand

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