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This pendant presents a luscious piece of pink Thulite from Norway cut into a heart, accented with a garnet cabochon and inlaid into a sterling silver heart setting.


It has been enchanted by three Celestine Light Adepts in a Circle of Power to stimulate and expand passionate love, both in the wearer and anyone to whom they are in a romantic relationship and desiring greater passion.


This enchanted pendant will help:    

  • Attract love relationships that have depth and breadth, that are not one dimensional, but are full of mutual passion for one another mentally, emotionally and physically, and united with common interests, hopes and dreams.  
  • Rekindle passion on all levels with established relationships. It is all too common in long term relationships even with Twin flames or Soul Mates, to fall into routines with one another and lose the spark that ignited the fires of the relationship in the early years. The magick in this pendant will help those fires burn bright again!


The following stewardship Angels were also called upon during the enchantment process to imbue their special energy into the pendant:


Kalitha, the Angel of Desire
Luxellios, the Angel of Self-love
Vaalderyn, the Angel of Resonance
Elliquel, the Angel of Contentment
Jelehnessu, the Angel of Discernment
Carmetisia, the Angel of Passion
Vestasaniel, the Angel of Relationship Harmony
Vellusia, the Angel of Romantic Love
Lakajinal, the Angel of Reciprocation
Sallisels, the Angel of Happiness

Enchanted Pink Thulite Heart Pendant

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