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Highest Purpose: When it comes to affairs of the heart, whatever they may be, an enchanted pink cats-eye heart can help. Whether you are seeking to find love, strengthen love, become more loving, help your mate to become more loving, or remove your walls and allow yourself to love again after being hurt in the past, these little pink hearts are imbued with a potent enchantment to help love be discovered, blossom and increase.


Best of all the enchantment is designed to allow you to specify exactly how you want to use it. To invoke that aspect of the enchantment, simply hold the heart pressed between your two palms, close your eyes, and repeat aloud three times the purpose for which you are invoking the enchantment.


Speak in a form of command (I will) rather than from a weak point of need (I want). For instance, “I will find fulfilling, romantic love,” rather than “I want to find fulfilling, romantic love. ” Or, “I will be more loving and expressive of my love,” rather than “I want to be more loving and expressive of my love.”


While this enchantment will not cause someone to love you that does not already, it will help someone that already loves you become more expressive of their love. To invoke that aspect of the enchantment you will need to give the heart to the person as a gift. Before you do, invoke its power to strengthen their love by speaking aloud three times that which you seek in the form of a command (will not want). For instance, “My husband will show his love to me more by sweet words, less contention, and more intimacy.”


The powerful enchantment on the pink cats-eye heart is specially designed for flexibility in any sphere of love that impacts your life. Be creative and let love shower upon you in abundance. You deserve it!


About: “Cats-eye” is a term associated with several different minerals and substances that exhibit 'chatoyancy' - the shimmering light flashes seen when the stone if moved slightly. The enchanted pink cats-eye heart is made from fiber optic strands of glass with a high quartz content and extreme optical purity. The hair-thin strands are pulled in a high-tech machine and wound onto spools for use in the telecommunication industry. Some of the strands are over 1 mile long!


Thousands of fiber optic strands are fused together with heat and pressure into gemstone blocks for cutting, forming, and polishing by jewelers and artists. Special mineral absorbing pigments are added and permanently bonded to the cats-eye during the fusing process to create vibrant colors.


Because the pigment is infused into fiber optics in its most raw state, it permeates every single particle of the stone and is synergistically a part of it. This contrasts with all other forms of mineral dyeing, which are merely thin surface coatings of a foreign substance that severely inhibit the energetic potential of the stone.


The cats-eye chatoyant effect is seen when the object is held with parallel strands perpendicular to the viewer. If you turn the sphere to orient in line with the strands you will be able to see right through the sphere as if you were looking through a telescope at a distant world.


Size:  30-32 mm   Weight:  17-20 grams   Mohs Hardness:  5.0 – 6.0


Form: Cats-eye gemstone, lab manufactured


Enchantment Qualities: Intensity: 8   Distance: 10 feet   Years: 12


Recommended for: pouch, pocket, hand, therapy, jewelry

Enchanted Pink Cats-eye Heart

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