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Tourmaline is a gemstone that comes in many colors. When pink and green are combined and magickally enchanted they create a unique synergy that is simultaneously beneficial to both the heart energy center and emotions and the physical energy center and body health and vibrancy.


Tourmaline as a mineral also has the rare quality of being both piezoelectric (electrically charged by pressure) and pyroelectric (electrically charged by heat). If you apply pressure or heat to a tourmaline crystal it will cause it to become charged electrically positive on one end and electrically negative on the other. This effect can be achieved simply by rubbing the crystal on your clothes or even between your fingers to create heat. Once charged, you can see the effect as the crystal will be able to pick up dust particles and small bits of paper.


This beautiful pendant with a natural green tourmaline crystal main gemstone and natural pink tourmaline cabochon accent gemstone has been enchanted by three Adepts in a Celestine Light Circle of Power to help emotions to flow freely but in a balanced, even-keel way, helping to tamp down extreme highs or lows. Either extremes are energy draining to body and discombobulating to the mind.


Establishing a sound emotional state in turn amplifies the enchanted beneficial effects on the body to have increased energy, stamina, and vitality.


As these two magickal effects are felt, the third magickal benefit is activated to simply feel greater joy every day, with optimism and excitement for the future.


This pendant has been further enchanted by the following Stewardship Angels that were called upon to imbue their special angelic energy into the pink and green tourmaline pendant:


Colopatiron & Nisroc: Angels of Peace of Heart & Mind

Ellicielle: Angel of Negating Self-Sabotage

Hahatah: Angel of Enthusiasm

Jaliziya: Angel of the Ja (Heart) Ki (Energy Center)

Kajabonel: Angel of Heart & Mind

Kalalatair: Angel of Energy & Vitality

Kazatorel: Angel of the Ka (Mind) Ki (Energy Center)

Luxellios: Angel of Self-Love

Salan: Angel of Wellness

Sallisels: Angel of Happiness

Sardarondel: Angel of Mental Clarity

Shulawenda: Angel of Anxiety Relief

Vohumana: Angel of Optimism

Yadadinel: Angel of Well-Being

Yaterish: Angel of Stress Release

Yenovefa: Angel of Good Habits

Zagallis: Angel of Balance

Enchanted Pink and Green Tourmaline Pendant

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