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There are many quality grades of turquoise and many color variations. But the rare Persian turquoise with its distinctive and unique blue color has been prized through the world since it was first mined in NE Persia nearly 5,000 years ago. It is likely that the first turquoise Europeans ever saw came from the fabled Persian mines. It is still mined there today in very small quantities and we were lucky to be able to acquire this beautiful piece of jewelry.


In this little treasure of solid sterling silver jewelry, the blue turquoise is interlaced with golden pyrite and the turquoise-golden pyrite main stone is accented by a small light blue topaz. It has been enchanted in a Celestine Light Circle of Power by three Adepts to greatly amplify the natural beneficial energies from all three minerals.


Persian Turquoise was one of the first gemstones ever mined and used for personal ornamentation by humans. Though its sheer beauty certainly played a role in its early popularity, its natural ability to energetically stimulate a strong connection between the Xe, Ka and Qo Root Ki (Psychic, Third Eye and Throat Chakras), especially aiding entrepreneurial ventures, certainly must have had a recognized allure as well.


These super beneficial qualities have been strongly enchanted and imbued into this lovely pendant. This enchantment will enable the wearer to have enhanced success in any new or entrepreneurial venture. It will give them increased self confidence and special clarity incorporating both the psychic and mental energy centers when considering situations and challenges or interacting with people.


The patterns of golden pyrite running through the main stone are enchanted to enhance the owners resolve when confronted with challenging situations or negative words or actions of others. The enchanted pendant will emit an energy that will strengthen their heart and mind against any of situation or person which may confront them.


The light blue topaz has been enchanted to further strengthen the self-confidence, self-esteem and self expression of whomsoever wears the pendant. It will energetically stimulate, enhance and expand their Qo Root Ki energy center (throat chakra).


The following Angels of Stewardship were also called upon during the enchantment process to imbue the pendant with their special divine energy:

Qwrtheryn, the Angel of Attitude

Vohumanah, the Angel of Optimism

Ralchosabar, the Angel of Self Confidence

Qallias, the Angel of Imagination

Ahnsovald, the Angel of Ventures

Zharaies, the Angel of Vision

Enchanted Persian Turquoise Sterling Silver Pendant

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