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This is a specially amplified magickal tool to enhance your ability to find anything, from finding a Twin Flame to choosing the best lottery numbers, to finding the best place to fish, or even finding a lost or missing person, this pendulum has special physical and magickal capabilities.


The pendulum, which is made of brass with an outer layer of silver, has an opening lid with an inner chamber filled with a variety of five types of potent Magick Minerals, including natural ruby. These rare stones are magick magnets that draw in and retain important magickal energies such as love, abundance, and success and exude those energies to amplify whatever purpose for which you are using your pendulum.


Alternatively, if you have a specific purpose and a small item that relates to that purpose, you can remove the Magick Minerals and replace them with the item, or add the item to the Magick Minerals. For instance, if you are trying to find a lost person, you could take some of their hairs off of their hairbrush and put them inside the pendulum chamber, with or without the Magick Minerals.


Note: The Magick Minerals will fluoresce brightly under a long wave UV light such as a Convoy C8, but other than the red ruby, will look like common stones under normal light.


The pendulum has been enchanted in a Circle of Power by three Adepts of Celestine Light to find whatever tangible item it is willed to seek; from gold to dowsing for water, to the answer to a question, or something special you are looking for, using this pendulum will lead you to that which you seek. Exact instructions including the magickal activating Word of Power will be included with the pendulum when it is shipped to its new owner.


To use the pendulum just open the lid and place a small piece of whatever you are looking to find inside and shut the lid. Then use the pendulum by whatever means would be best to discover it.


Some examples:

-If you were prospecting for gold, you would place a small nugget of gold, preferably from the area you are prospecting, into the pendulum. Then use the pendulum to scry a map to pinpoint the best-localized areas to prospect out in the mountains or wherever the map pinpoints, to seek the gold. Once out there, you use it as a pendulum swinging from your outstretched hand to point you in the direction of the gold and finally pinpoint its exact location.


-If you were seeking a lost person, you would find a physical part of them, such as hair on their hairbrush, and place the hair into the pendulum. The same procedure could then be followed by first scrying a map, then using the pendulum to point exact directions once you traveled to the place indicated on the map.


The following Stewardship Angels were also called upon during the enchantment to imbue their special energy into the pendulum:


Shalilth, the Angel of Helpfulness

Zharaies, the Angel of Vision

Qallius, the Angel of Imagination

Iskkeneder, the Angel of the Unseen

Urarella, the Angel of Choices

Vaalderyn, the angel of Resonance

Lehona, the Angel of Truth

Jelehnessu, the Angel of Discernment

Vawanoki, the Angel of Observation

Aqudikael, the Angel of Aura

Bronkanon, the Angel of Dowsing

Oarquhar, the Angel of Higher Self

Enchanted Opening Magickal Seeker Pendulum with Magick Minerals

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