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Opalite is a beacon for angels. By itself, it is just a pretty stone. But once it's enchanted and combined with your spoken invocation calling upon the specific angel who has stewardship over the area in which you need help, it becomes a celestial spotlight shined up into the heavens crying out, “Please come help me.” When you invoke the angel you are turning the light switch on in the enchanted opalite that you are carrying in your pouch or pocket, as a part of your jewelry, or just sitting on your desk or by your bedside.


If you do not know the specific angel that has stewardship over your type of need, you can call upon the archangel that has responsibility over that domain and ask them to send you the most beneficial and appropriate angel.


If you are unaware of the correct angel or archangel to call upon, you should speak directly to Elohim and request the angel that can most benefit you, to be sent to your aid.


Opalite is a created gemstone made from a mixture of various minerals, resin, starches, and principally the mineral dolomite fused with metal oxides. Originally created as a type of imitation opal, it has also been known under the names of Tiffany Stone, Opalized Glass, Sea Opal, Purple Opal, Opalized Fluorite, Ice Cream Opal, and The Stone of Eternity.


Usually, these types of man-made substances have little or no value for enchantments. Opalite is one of the few exceptions. Although it will not take and hold enchantments as well or as long as many enchanted stones that are purely natural and mineral in composition, opalite does easily emanate a distinct energy attuned to angels and does so strongly for the life of the enchantment.


Size: 60x50x20 mm (approx.)   Weight: 70 grams (approx.)

Enchanted Opalite Palm Stone

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