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This exceptional gemstone sculpture was carved by a master artist into the matrix of a strawberry quartz crystal cluster. Strawberry quartz is formed by tiny inclusions of the mineral lepidocrocite and is found in only a few places in the world. Only at one of those locations is the matrix rock that the quartz crystal grew on suitable for gemstone carving.


Just as the moon cycles through multiple phases during its journey every 28 days, so too this magickal gemstone carving has been enchanted by three Adepts in a Celestine Light Circle of Power to offer multiple enchanted benefits, depending upon the current phase of the moon. The magickal energy will emanate continuously from the carving sending out energy beneficial to the purpose stated below. It will benefit anyone that spends at least 3 hours within 22 feet of the Moon Spirt Quartz Crystal Carving during that phase of the moon.


If someone is a magick practitioner, any spells or enchantments cast during a matching phase of the moon for the purpose, will be greatly enhanced if the Moon God Carving is in proximity.


Moon Spirit Carving Magickal Energy During Moon Phase

(The most intense time for maximum magickal energy is noted below for each phase. See the picture with the listing for the Phases of the Moon)


Waxing Crescent to the First Quarter

(from tiny crescent to the quarter moon) (most intense energy is when the moon is a thin crescent)

Fresh starts or reinvigoration to old relationships, ventures, or goals; a magickal enhancement to starting anything with a normally slim chance of success; best time to begin any new ventures, relationships, or goals; best time to end bad habits and replace them with good habits; best time to sever ties to anyone or anything that no longer benefits you and begin with a fresh perspective. For magickal practitioners, this is the best time to cast spells for increased protection, positive change, new beginnings, and to bring something or someone into your life.


Waxing Moon

(from one day before the First Quarter Moon to Full Moon) (equally intense magickal energy throughout the waxing days)

Better focus; more diligent work ethic; best time to make positive needed adjustments to projects and ventures; best time to make positive changes in continuing relationships with the smoothest harmony; best time to learn a new subject or study and remember for an old one. For magickal practitioners, this is a good time to cast small spells for quick results.


Full Moon

(most intense magickal energy at the fullest extent of the full moon with some energy still remaining one day before and after)

Best time to reveal that which is hidden. Heightened magickal energy for finding love; honest introspection; culminating ventures and reaching goals; increased sexuality; harvesting the fruits of labors; protection from dark forces; peak time of good luck and fortune; heightened creative ability. Best time to gain or use new magickal abilities; the best time to seek spiritual understanding and greater enlightenment; the best time to energize and charge your crystals, and magickal tools, even if you do it during the day in the sun. For magickal practitioners, this is the best time to cast expansive spells with long-term implications.


Waning Moon

(from Full Moon until one day after the Quarter Moon) (equally intense magickal energy throughout the waning days)

Best time to depart from relationships, projects, paths, or goals that are no longer benefiting you; the best time to end bad habits and replace them with a good habit; the best time to sell items you no longer need and put the money toward something more beneficial; For magickal practitioners, this is the best time to counter spells, enchantments, and hexes and to cast banishing spells.


Waning Crescent to New Dark Moon

(From the day after Waning Crescent Moon until the most intense on the last day of the lunar cycle, particularly when the full sphere of the moon is still faintly visible but has no sunlight reflecting from it)

Best time to gain psychic insights and develop psychic powers by introspectively seeking the greater you; the best time to take a stay-at-home break from all usual activities and get extra rest; For magickal practitioners, this is the best time to cast binding spells.


The following 27 Stewardship Angels were individually called upon during the enchantment process to imbue their special energy into the Moon Spirit Quart Crystal Matrix Carving. As four of these are Archangels all of the Stewardship Angels serving under them, which are many, were called upon.


Churisel, Archangel of Dreams

Shimwemwe, Archangel of Creative Expression

Xewomilaith, Archangel of Psychic & Paranormal Abilities

Saveinn, Archangel of Relationships

Azkael, Angel of Magickal Defense

Wizalary, Angel of Enchantments

Lujouanda, Angel of the Moon Energy

Amvariel, Angel of Protection from Negative Entities

Belletia, Angel of Self-expression

Ellicielle, Angel of Negating Self-sabotage

Grascual, Angel of Communication

Ionestia, Angel of Initiative

Jaliziya, Angel of the Ja Ki (heart energy center)

Karondarel, Angel of Ka Ki (energy center of the mind)

Kazatorel, Angel of Manifestation

Korsgar, Angel of Countering Black Magick

Marsansou, Angel of the Qo Ki (throat energy center)

Nardaxia, Angel of Negative Energy Annulment

Sardarondel, Angel of Mental Clarity

Sarkaroc, Angel of Catalyst Energy

Sazashivm, Angel of the Vm Ki (sexual & creative energy center)

Shuzuwass, Angel of Positive Possibilities

Sijon, Angel of Achievement

Veliton, Angel of Action

Wzzarel, Angel of the Wz Ki (energy center of the physical body)

Xeramqua, Angel of the Xe Ki (psychic energy center)

Zarvanel, Angel of Hidden Power

Enchanted Moon Spirit Carved in Quartz Crystal Matrix

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