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If you have ever asked yourself really, really, big life questions such as:


“Who am I?”

“Why am I here?”

“What is my purpose in life?”

“What is my destiny?”

“Is this person my Soul Mate?”


Or, smaller but still important questions such as:


“What is the best a career for me?

“Should I start this business?”

 “Should I join this group?”

“What should my major be in college?”

“What university should I attend?

“Is this where I should live?


Or maybe you have never asked yourself any of those questions but you would be happy to have absolutely brilliant ideas suddenly drop into your mind unexpectedly. If so, wearing this very special enchanted pendant set in a sterling silver spiral pendant may quickly and wonderfully change your life.


This is a very unusual and exceptionally powerful sterling silver enchanted pendant, due not only to the enchantment done in a Celestine Light Circle of Power by three Adepts with over 150 years of combined magickal experience, but also due to its spiral shape and three very rare and powerful naturally magickal stones: Moldavite, Herkimer Diamond, and Meteorite.


Moldavite is a very rare gemstone, and when it is enchanted, it is an especially powerful gemstone. Scientists are still divided as to its origins. What is not in dispute is that it is found in very small quantities from only one place in the world near the Moldau River in the Czech Republic, which is how it got its name.


Many scientists attribute Moldavite's origins to a huge meteorite that crashed in the mountains near the Moldau River about 15 million years ago. The impact would have been as great as the atomic bombs dropped during WWII. A tremendous blast of heat would have melted both the meteorite and the surrounding rocks at the impact site. Because of this most likely origin and their distinctive transparent green color and heat-melted surface, Moldavites are classed by most as tektites that ejected in molten form from the meteorite impact and were blasted out into the surrounding area. This origin accounts for the reason these rare gemstones are only found at one place on the planet.


Enchanted Moldavite radiates undeniable energy. If you want to have some fun put your pendant in the hand of someone who doesn't believe gemstones or crystals can radiate energy, or has never been able to physically feel the energy in a gemstone or crystal before. Usually after only a minute or two of holding the Moldavite pendant in their hand, even the most energy-insensitive person will usually feel themselves being undeniably affected by the enchanted Moldavite.


The energy jolts from enchanted Moldavite are so strong that even people within a few feet will also feel heat flashes, vibrations, pulsing, goose bumps, or have sudden bursts of unexpected inspiration pop into their head.


Due to its high-energy nature, the downside is that Moldavite, when there are no other minerals with it, often cannot be worn for extended periods, or it can actually leave you feeling a bit drained. This is a result of the strong ability of Moldavite to rapidly raise your overall auric energy and cause all of your energy centers to spin faster.


However, in this special enchanted pendant, the addition of the metallic meteorite spirally connected to the Moldavite creates a sustained, harmonious flow of energy that allows you to wear the pendant continually, with all of your energy centers more positively activated and sensitive without any subsequent dampening of your energy.


The meteorite in this pendant is from the famous Campo Del Cielo (Field of Heaven) crater field in Argentina. The natural magickal energy of this metallic traveler from the far-reaches of space is to create a harmonious and synergistic flow of energy from the stones with which it is in association with.


This is a great benefit to the wearer of this pendant as it ensures a continuous and even flow of magickal energy producing effects that are all high with no lows.


The Herkimer Diamond is a special double-terminated crystal from the area of Herkimer, New York. Herkimer diamonds are a rare form of quartz crystals that are formed in vugs (small pockets) inside extremely hard dolomite rock. They are usually double-terminated with a pointy tip on each end and with a classic 18-sided hexagonal form. Geologically, the crystals formed slowly. It was due to that slow growth unattached to the matrix rock that allowed the double-termination to occur and created such spectacular, water-clear, brilliant crystals.


The Herkimer diamond in the center of the spiral, with the Moldavite below it, and the Meteorite above it, plays an important magickal role. It amplifies the magickal qualities of both the Moldavite and the Meteorite. The Herkimer Diamond is in turn amplified by the two gems above and below it and allows the wearer to ascend to very high spiritual levels when wearing the pendant, and open visions and understandings that would otherwise not be possible or would be much more difficult. It particularly activates the Xe Root Ki Energy Center (Psyche) and facilitates the discovery and expansion of one's psychic and paranormal abilities.


During the enchantment process, the following Stewardship Angels were also called upon to imbue their special angelic energy into the pendant:


Sijon, Angel of Achievement

Jorentin, Angel of Ideas

Yisradan, Angel of Ingenuity

Zharaies, Angel of Vision

Qallias, Angel of Imagination

Urarella, Angel of Choices

Lakajinal, Angel of Life Purpose

Jelehnessu, Angel of Discernment

Aqudikael, Angel of Aura

Oarquhar, Angel of the Higher Self

Wizmar, Angel of Good Fortune

Enchanted Moldavite, Herkimer Diamond, & Meteorite Pendant

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