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This is an unusual freeform sterling silver pendant crafted by forming the silver to the natural shape of the forest green Moldavite and golden Pyrite stones. These two stones together allow the pendant to be enchanted for a special powerful purpose.


Enchanted Moldavite by itself is called the “Epiphany Stone.” Moldavite was created when the heat of a meteorite impacted the ground at the site of the Nördlingen Crater in current day Bavaria, Germany, melting both the meteorite and the surrounding minerals in the ground. Scientists estimate the meteorite hit the ground at around 70,000 km/h. Besides the creation of Moldavite from the impact, over 72,000 tons of micro-diamonds are estimated to be in the crater.


Wearing a pendant with a piece of enchanted Moldavite will lead to bursts of brilliant ideas or realizations out of the blue. However, just because it is a new deep understanding or great idea doesn’t mean it can have a practical benefit to you in your life. For instance, someone may get a fantastic idea for a new business startup, but lack the capital or expertise to actually create a working business.


Golden Pyrite is often called “Fools Gold,” as it has a similar color to gold and is also a heavy mineral. Though pyrite can often contain as much as 1% gold, its primary constituents are the minerals iron and sulfur. Pyrite is a wonderful grounding stone. Any mineral containing iron can be enchanted for the purpose of grounding. While pyrite also has that affinity, it goes beyond simple grounding and can be enchanted for the highest purpose of grounding.


This Moldavite and Pyrite pendant has been enchanted by three Adepts in a Celestine Light Circle of Power to have a marvelous synergy to produce excellent and unexpected epiphanies to the wearer that are grounded to achievability. When you receive an epiphany wearing this pendant, know with surety that it is actionable. Whatever, your epiphany is for a relationship, or a new venture, you will be able to begin taking  real-life actions to manifest the reality.


The following Stewardship Angels were also called upon during the enchantment process to imbue their special angelic energy into the enchanted Moldavite and Pyrite Pendant:

Dalsaleen: Angel of Message Dreams

Haslamatah: Angel of the Flow

Judan: Secrets Revealed

Oosarelia: Angel of Epiphanies

Qallias: Angel of Imagination

Sardarondel: Angel of Mental Clarity

XeKael: Angel of Xe-Ka (psyche/mind) Synergistic Amplification

Zharaies: Angel of Vision

Enchanted Moldavite and Pyrite Pendant

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