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Fire Agate is quite a unique stone. Its chameleon-like appearance is very indicative of its magickal properties and enchantment. Hold it at a certain angle and it appears to be just a dark brown stone. Look at it from another perspective with a different angle and a brighter light, and the stone bursts alive with multiple flaming colors bubbling up from within its depths.


This beautiful, colorful pendant is made of solid sterling silver and has been enchanted by three Adepts in a Celestine Light Circle of Power, to help the wearer transform themselves in ways that will unleash their personal potential and gifts. Like a butterfly emerging out of their cocoon of metamorphosis, a new you will be revealed and might amaze you as much as everyone else.


To benefit from this enchanted pendant, simply wear it often with the pendant touching your bare skin and look closely at the colorful bubbles inside the gemstone three or moretimes a day. Throughout the day, focus on and think about your desired transformation to activate the magick. Your focus and desired transformation can be as small as getting rid of an annoying habit, or much larger such as reimaging your appearance and personality. Wearing the enchanted fire agate pendant will help you have the courage, willpower, and steadfast determination to accomplish the changes you desire.


The following Stewardship Angels were also called upon during the enchantment process to imbue their special energy into the fire agate pendant:


Ahnsovald: Angel of Ventures

Alishalani: Angel to Enhance Personality & Interaction with Others

Balasuintha: Archangel of Personal Development

Belletia: Angel of Self-expression

Ellicielle: Angel to Negate Self-sabotage

Epheliaos: Angel of Learning

Graszaneen: Angel of Self-empowerment

Hadala: Angel of Change

Halamshael: Improve & Enhance Good Character Traits

Hashaleem: Angel of Good Judgment

Jelehnessu: Angel of Discernment              

Jorentin: Angel of Ideas

Karondarel: Angel of Manifestation

Lhyrsanthe: Angel of Transition

Shazar: Angel of Fire Energy

Shuzuwass: Angel of Positive Possibilities

Tirusah: Angel of Will Power

Enchanted Mexican Fire Agate Pendant

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