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This is a very rare and special stone. It is luscious green malachite on one side and delicious blue chrysocolla on the other side. This alone makes it a very unusual mineral specimen. But the malachite is far more than just malachite, not only because of its excellent quality, but even more so for its rare Navigator Design. This is the intricate pattern of dark and light green that forms a labyrinth of connected pathways intricately woven across the entire face of the stone and even continuing down all three sides.


Look at pictures online of other pieces of malachite and you'll see only the best have the vivid contrasts between light and dark green. Even fewer have those colors in sharp-lined pattern arrays other than a few places on the stone. And only a very precious few have the navigator pattern that creates dozens of interconnected pathways that do not just dead end inside a single pattern, but are like a treasure map all across the stone. 


When we are fortunate enough to have obtained a good size piece of Navigator Stone Malachite, we count our blessings because it is a supremely wonderful stone to enchant to help someone discover their life's purpose. On a smaller scale, it can work the same magick every day, helping its owner to discover the best path and make the right decision for any choice in life, big or small.


This particular stone holds one other great blessing. It is Navigator Stone Malachite on one side and beautiful blue Chrysocolla on the other side. Blue Chrysocolla is excellent for holding a calming enchantment for peace of the heart and mind.; peace that brings not just serenity, but also clarity of thought. This ensures that when the Navigator Stone is called upon to help find the path to take and the choice to make, that it will be done with a clear, sharp mind and a calm and peaceful heart. Surely those are the two best qualities to have for the heart and mind when choices and decisions are to be made.


This Navigator Stone Malachite has been enchanted by three Adepts in a Celestine Light Circle of Power to fulfill the purposes above that it is so supremely suited to help manifest.


The following Angels of Stewardship were called during the enchantment process to also imbue their special energy into the stone:


Lakajinal, the Angle of Life Purpose

Leisyll, the Angel of Calm

Larsarai, the Angel of Focus

Sardoarondel, the Angel of Mental Clarity

Jorentin, the Angel of Ideas

Qallias, the Angel of Imagination

Ingjelish, the Angel of Puzzles

Urarella, the Angel of Choices

Lakajinal, the Angle of Life Purpose

Dahlshabon, the Angel of Stewardship

Lehona, the Angel of Truth

Jelehnessu, the Angel of Discernment


To Invoke the Enchantment:

- hold the Navigator Stone in your hand

- state aloud specifically what you wish to know about a choice or decision

- state aloud, “I invoke the magick!”

- Now look very carefully at the patterns on the Navigator Stone. Choose on path and follow it wherever it goes around the stone keeping the choice you are trying to make in your mind.

- Pay careful attention to what happens to the path you have chosen. Does it continue on a long journey around the stone? Or, does it end abruptly in a dead end after a short travel? Does it stay wide or does it get very narrow at some points? Does it interact with other colors or patterns? Think about what you encounter on the path you have chosen. The magick of the stone will be answering your questions of choice by the path it leads you on and what you encounter upon the path.

Enchanted Malachite & Chrysocolla Navigator Stone

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