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Why do magickal energies seem to coalesce in some places in the world more than others? Why is it easier to unleash your own magickal abilities and create powerful spells and enchantments when you are in one of these exceptional locations? The little known reason, even among advanced magickal practitioners, is the presence of magickal minerals in the earth beneath their feet. These rare minerals exude powerful magickal energies that greatly enhance and amplify any spells, enchantments, or other magickal actions that occur in their presence.


Most minerals that emit natural magical energies are completely overlooked by everyone when they see them in their native state. Typically they just look like plain, ordinary rocks. Other than rubies, there is generally nothing in their outward appearance to draw attention to them. They usually have a dull luster, do not sparkle, and have scant colors other than non-descript white, gray, and black.

One unique aspect of naturally powerful magickal minerals, the telltale that reveals their hidden power, is they will all fluoresce in vivid colors under a strong ultraviolet light. Each color exudes a different magickal energy. Some are more useful for spells, others for enchantments, some for imbuing amulets, and other colors for various sundry magickal purposes.


Most people have no idea where in the world to go to find one of the magickal mineral hotspots, or the time and ability to travel to one of those blessed locations. To aid your magickal endeavors we have gathered magickal fluorescent minerals from all over the globe and combined several dozen powerful pieces and placed them into glass vials. Each vial of magickal fluorescent minerals is then further empowered in an enchantment by three Celestine Light Adepts in a Circle of Power.


These vials are power sticks full of a wide variety of magickal energies ready to aid you and amplify your results in any magickal endeavor. Place them on your altar or hold them in your hand when you imbue objects, cast spells, or create enchantments.


There are three size vials available with the following guaranteed quantity of a wide variety of magickal fluorescent minerals: 60g, 40g, 5g.


The larger vials will have dozens of bigger chunks of the magickal fluorescent minerals with successively smaller but more numerous chips in the smaller size vials. The smallest size vial has hundreds of sand size pieces, which is actually very impressive because there are so many in a vial radiating out a rainbow of colors. Here is a partial list of the magickal fluorescent minerals that can be found inside the vials:


Agrellite, Aragonite, Calcite, Chondrodite, Diopside, Fluorite, Hackmanite, Hydrozincite, Ruby, Sodalite, Wernerite, Willemite


We also include a generous amount of 24kt gold leaf in each vial. It is one of the few non-fluorescing substances that also emits potent magickal energies which can be used to enhance almost any magickal purpose.


The magickal minerals in the vials will emit their awesome enhancing energy even as they appear in their plain form in natural or artificial light. If you wish to amp up their power output even more, set the vial on your alter when you are crafting magick and shine a UV light on the vial, being careful to avoid any direct eye contact with the light. This will cause the magick minerals to fluoresce and release a greater amount of magickal energy for you to utilize.


If you wish to purchase a UV light to see the fluorescent colors of the magickal minerals or further activate their magickal power, the more powerful the light the brighter the magickal minerals will glow in their fluorescent colors, and the more magickal energy will be emitted. UV lights come in different wave lengths with Shortwave (SW) and Longwave (LW) being the most common. The magick minerals will often display completely different colors under the different UV wavelengths. The colors will usually be much more vivid and bright under long wave vs. shortwave.

Enchanted Magickal Fluorescents

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