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Scintillating Larvikite is the national stone of Norway and it is one of the very few places in the world where this captivating stone is found. It is a feldspar mineral that gets its shimmering reflective qualities from the unusually large crystals of feldspar that compose it. Several other minerals contained within Larvikite add additional qualities, both visual and magickal.


One of the coolest natural features of Larvikite which is almost unknown, is select specimens have naturally magickal components that will fluoresce a lush speckled purple under a 254nm or 365nm UV light. Fluorescent minerals are very rare and those emitting this beautiful color are among the rarest of the rare.


Our Larvikite Palm Stones have been enchanted by three Adepts in a Celestine Light Circle of Power to help the possessor unlock and unleash knowledge, abilities, and powers they have always had but have never been able to tap into or manifest. These hidden gems may include buried memories from past lives, knowledge received in dreams, innate paranormal abilities, knowledge you once knew in life but have forgotten, and methods of magick not written in any book, but residing in the recesses of your mind.


To help the enchanted Larvikite bring forth your hidden abilities, begin by trusting your instincts as you draw on the magickal power of the palm stone. The magick will work best to usher your abilities and powers if you keep it close to you. In a pocket is a great location, but it will work almost as well on your desk, or very close to you at any space you spend a fair amount of time in. To super boost the magickal powers of the enchanted Larvikite, shine the UV light upon it so it fluoresces purple for at least 5 minutes. After that exposure, the enchanted palm stone will be supercharged for 6-8 hours.


The following Stewardship Angels were also called upon during the enchantment process to imbue their special powers into the Larvikite Palm Stone:


Sarkaroc: Angel of Catalyst Energy

Kaliisher: Angel of Dream Memory

Jorentin: Angel of Ideas

Qallias: Angel of Ideas

Molchan: Angel of Knowledge

Oudicael: Angel of Lucid Dreaming

Karondarel: Angel of Manifestation

Ulyvindr: Angel of Memory

Ukolesqua: Angel of Past Lives

Xeomilaith: Archangel of Psychic and Paranormal Abilities


Size: Each enchanted Larvikite Palm Stone is hand-cut and polished, which makes each stone have a tiny difference in size. The approximate size is 60x45x20mm.


Note: You will need a 254nm or 365nm UV light to view the enchanted Larvikite fluorescing. We recommend the Convoy lights, which are available through eBay and Amazon.

Safety Note: Be sure not to shine the UV light in your eyes or on your skin, as it can cause eye and skin damage. If you want to view the stone for an extended period under the UV light please wear UV blocking glasses to protect your eyes.

Enchanted Fluorescent Larvikite Palm Stone

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