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Celestial blue Lapis Lazuli has been a noble gem of truth through the ages. This dazzling sterling silver pendant of royal blue Lapis Lazuli sprinkled with golden pyrite and overseen by a silver dragon has been enchanted by three Adepts in a Celestine Light Circle of Power to amplify its natural radiance with the mind and soul of whomever possess it.


Wearing this pendant will awaken you to your divine purpose and highest destiny. It will activate your mind bringing out deeper wisdom and prompting good judgment and wise choices.


Stimulating a connection between the Root Ki of Qo (throat chakra) and the Root Ki of Ka (Third Eye Chakra) this enchanted Lapis Lazuli pendant will emanate energy of deep inner peace even when conflict surrounds you. The dragon energy will help you to never be overwhelmed by conflicts or challenges.


The enchanted pendant will bring you greater self-awareness coupled with a perception of the people and events in your life which will give you great insight and help you to be wise, honest, and compassionate in your actions.


Enhancing its power, during the enchantment of this pendant the following angels were called in to imbue the dynamic energy of their stewardship.    


  • Leisyll, the Angel of Calm                     
  • Stradanel, the Angel of Character                     
  • Lakajinal, the Angel of Life Purpose                 
  • Jelehnessu, the Angel of Discernment             
  • Lehona, the Angel of Truth                    
  • Colopatiron & Nisroc, Angels of Peace of Heart & Mind

Enchanted Lapis Lazuli Dragon Pendant

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