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These large, hard-to-find, round Hematite palm stones are spectacular! They rest heavily in your hand and you can easily sense the magickal energy exuding from them.


Hematite is the principal ore of iron. Though it appears silver in color it is actually red in its particulate form. If rubbed on a piece of unglazed white porcelain it will leave a red streak as minute particles of the stone are deposited onto the porcelain.


The name 'hematite' actually evolved from Greek, where it was called the blood red stone (haimatitēs lithos -αἱματίτης λίθος.) It was Latinized by the Romans to Lapis  Hæmatites. The French in the Middle Ages called it 'Hématite Pierre' and the English got rid of Pierre and just called it Hematite.


In ancient days, polished hematite was often used as a mirror. With its lack of sharp definition of a reflected image, it was probably appreciated for its ability to show a face without blemishes. Rouge make up for most of history was also made from the red powdered form of hematite.


Our Hematite palm stones have been enchanted by three Adepts in a Celestine Light Circle of Power to increase concentration and willpower and to help the holder to strive for the most excellent outcome while remaining grounded in realistic, obtainable goals. The magickal energy will also strongly emanate from the stone for a distance of about two feet, making it an excellent tool to set on your desk when you are working on a project that requires focus and dedicated effort. To get the magickal benefit of the enchanted Hematite, you can hold it in your hand, put it in a pocket, wear it in a pouch, or keep it nearby on a desk or table.


Due to its enchanted qualities, the Hematite palm stone will also be useful for personal improvement goals such as losing weight, quitting a bad habit, or studying for a test.


About: All of our hematite is 100% natural and untreated with any man-made enhancements other than shaping and polishing.


Size: 65mm (approx.) Weight:  275g (approx.)  

Enchanted Hematite Palm Stone

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