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Turn this little dynamo upside down and it looks like a boring uninteresting rock. Turn it  over and you will be dazzled and mesmerized by the little crystal cave packed full of  sparkling 24kt gold covered crystals. It's no exaggeration! The allure of this brilliant enchanted gem is so powerful you'll find yourself holding it and staring at it, very reluctant to put it down and easily carried away to flights of fancy and dreams of riches.


This is a natural quartz crystal geode that has had 24kt gold molecularly bonded to the crystal surfaces in a vacuum chamber. It has been enchanted by three Adepts in a Celestine Light Circle of Power to bring greater wealth into your life, both from your own efforts and from unexpected sources.


Following the higher guidelines of Celestine Light enchantments, to achieve the greatest abundance with this magickal Golden Crystal Geode you need to be generous with your newly acquired wealth. The more you help others the more abundance will flow to you in your life.


To activate the magick simply stare into the Golden Crystal Geode, speak aloud what you will do when you have greater wealth, then speak aloud the magickal words to invoke the enchantment, which will be included when you receive your golden crystal geode. Once you invoke the magick the first time, the enchanted Golden Crystal Geode will be matched to you. It will work for you all of your life but will not work for any other person.


The following Stewardship Angels were also called upon during the enchantment process to imbue their special energy into the Golden Crystal Geode:


Veliton, the Angel of Action

Vohumanah, the Angel of Optimism

Sijon, the Angel of Achievement

Urarella, the Angel of  Choices

Vaalderyn, the Angel of Resonance

Dahlshabon, the Angel of Stewardship

Jelehnessu, the Angel of Discernment

Qolega, the Angel of Excellence

Oarquhar, the Angel of the Higher Self

Paschar, the Angel of Blessings

Wizmar, the Angel of Good Fortune

Karondarel, the Angel of Manifestation

Enchanted Gold Geode

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