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This is beautiful solid sterling silver pendant in a Southwest Native American style, with a fusion blue turquoise gemstone and accent stone. Blue Fusion Turquoise is a composite of blue turquoise fused with copper.


This lovely pendant was enchanted in a Celestine Light Circle of Power by three Adepts. Because of its unique turquoise/copper mix the enchantment is powerful and multidimensional.


The enchanted turquoise will activate a strong resonance between the Xe, Ka and Qo Root Ki's (Psychic, Third Eye and Throat Energy Centers.) This resonance will help the wearer to have self-confidence and special clarity incorporating both the psychic and mental energy centers when considering people, situations and challenges.


The ribbons of copper running through the fusion turquoise are enchanted to emit an energy that will diminish anger in yourself or others and will help you maintain an emotionally stable and mentally receptive state, guiding you not to abuse your psychic powers and abilities in interactions with other people.


As a final aspect of the enchantment process, the following Stewardship Angels were called to imbue their special energy into the pendant:


Graszaneen: Angel of Self-empowerment

Halamshael: Angel of Good Character

Kazatorel: Angel of the Ka Ki (energy center of the mind)

Leisyll: Angel of Calm

Marsanqo: Angel of the Qo Ki (throat energy center)

Ralchosabar: Angel of Self-confidence

Ujara: Angel of Unleashing Physic & Paranormal Powers

Vaalderyn: Angel of Resonance

Xeramqua: Angel of the Xe Ki (psychic energy center)

Enchanted Fussion Turquoise Pendant

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