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Ruby red is the color that resonates with passion, and our enchanted Ruby Hearts are full of an abundance of Ruby. In most cases, ruby composes over 80% of the Heart and it fluoresces a spectacular brilliant red under a longwave UV light.


The innate magickal energy of red Ruby is amplified even more by a special enchantment. These awesome Ruby Hearts have been enchanted by three Adepts with over 150 years of combined magickal experience, in a Celestine Light Circle of Power, to instill greater passion in romantic love relationships. The magick of these Ruby Hearts will help kindle passion in new relationships and reinvigorate it in old ones. Just keep the enchanted Ruby Heart on you or near you when you are seeking greater romantic passion with your special someone.


During the enchantment process, the following Stewardship Angels were also called upon to imbue their specific divine energy into the enchanted Ruby Hearts:


Carmentisia: the Angel of Passion

Shazar: the Angel of Fire

Veliton: the Angel of Action

Kalalatair: the Angel of Energy & Vitality

Vellusia: the Angel of Romantic Love

Jaliziya: Angel of the Heart Energy Center (Ja)

Kalitha: Angel of Desire

Shezarli: angel of Unconditional Love

Vestasaniel: Angel of Relationship Harmony


Note: If you wish to view your enchanted Ruby Heart in brilliant red fluorescence, you will need to obtain a UV long wave light. We recommend the Convoy brand 295nm (UV wavelength.) These are available as UV flashlights on eBay. Be safe with UV light and be sure not to shine the UV light in anyone’s eyes.

Enchanted Fluorescent Ruby in Kyanite Hearts

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