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We were fortunate to be able to obtain some high quality fluorescent Pink Calcite from Peru. Most calcite from any source has some level of fluorescence in a variety of colors under an ultraviolet (UV) light. But all other calcite from anywhere else in the world pales in comparison to the vivid intensity of colors that radiate out from Peruvian Pink Calcite.


As Peruvian Pink Calcite fluoresces different colors under different UV wavelengths, we show pictures of the specimens we offer under both 365nm and 395nm UV light, as well as the light pink color seen under natural light.


All fluorescent minerals, as well as gemstones with other rare optical effects including chatoyance, asterism, iridescence, adularescence, and color-change, have some level of natural magickal energy. Even before they are enchanted, these rare types of magickal minerals and gemstones will naturally draw in magickal energies with which they resonate. By this, they are continually empowered and become never diminishing sources of magickal energy that can be harnessed and used for various purposes.


In this class of unique treasures, some fluorescent minerals that look like fairly ordinary stones under natural light can far exceed any gemstone in their ability to draw in, retain, and emanate magickal power. You’ll know you have an exceptional specimen when you shine a UV light on it and it doesn’t just change color, but exudes so much power that it illuminates the nearby area as if a lightbulb had just flipped on inside of it.


All the Peruvian Pink Calcite we list has been hand-selected from our special source using a UV light to ensure all of our specimens are the brightest, most powerful naturally magickal specimens.  These special magickal stones are then enchanted and magickally amplified by three Adepts in a Celestine Light Circle of Power to continuously call a harmonious flow of people, events, and opportunities to you that will bring you happiness, fulfillment, and success, as you heed the flow and circumstances that may come to you unexpectedly, but have great and harmonious potential for your life.


During the enchantment process we also called upon the following Stewardship Angels to imbue the powerful energy of their stewardship to further aid and benefit you.


Haslamatah: Angel of the Flow

Veliton: Angel of Action

Shalilth: Angel of Helpfulness

Huberon: Angel of Abundance

Ellicielle: Angel of Negation of Self-sabotage

Sijon: Angel of Achievement

Hashaleem: Angel of Good Judgement

Jorentin: Angel of Ideas

Ahnsovald: Angel of Ventures

Zharaies: Angel of Vision

Dalsaleen: Angel of Dream Messages

Lakajinal: Angel of Life Purpose

Vaalderyn: Angel of Resonance

Jelehnessu: Angel of Discernment

Vawanoki: Angel of Observation

Shuzuwass: Angel of Positive Possibilities

Wizmar: Angel of Good Fortune


Size: 94mm x 65mm x 35mm

           317g (11.2 oz)

Enchanted Fluorescent Pink Calcite Palm Stone

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