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Most crystals and minerals have an affinity for specific types of magickal energy. While any mineral can be enchanted for any purpose, most minerals have certain purposes that they will magickally enhance to a greater degree than others. For instance, rutilated quartz is fantastic for holding enchantments related to protection from psychic or magickal attacks. However, though you could enchant it to help increase romantic passion, it would fall woefully short of a mineral like rose quartz that has a natural resonance for that purpose. An exception to the magickal affinity rule is Dream Stones.


Rather than a specific mineral joined to a specific magickal purpose, Dream Stones can be found in a wide variety of minerals. In the case of Dream Stones, the mineral is not important. Instead, what is important is that the mineral has layers, zones, or banding of dark and light minerals. These dark-to-light or light-to-dark patterns are very conducive for magick related to transitioning from an awake state to a sleep state, and once asleep being able to have a stronger recollection of dreams and understanding of where your Night Self was traveling in the universe while your Day Self was asleep.


All of our Dream Stones were enchanted by three Adepts in a Celestine Light Circle of Power to enhance your dream state, your dream memories, Lucid Dreaming capabilities, and to facilitate your Day Self being able to remember and understand where your Night Self traveled and what it observed and experienced.


This particular Dream Stone crystal has an additional benefit. It is also a double-terminated crystal allowing it to both send and receive magickal energy easily. This will make it even more conducive to helping the owner clearly connect to and remember their Night Self travels and adventures.


This particular crystal also has amethyst, smokey, and clear quartz all in the same crystal!  Sleeping with the crystal under your pillow and drawing upon the magick of the crystal while lucid dreaming will allow the possessor's Night Self to easily travel not just to our own known universe, but also to other dimensions.


Using a Dream Stone can be a lot of fun. One of our favorite activities is to have our Night Self travel to planets that are very volcanically active and then to drop down into an erupting volcano. As the volcano erupts fiery red hot lava and gases, our Night Self rides the eruption as it is blown out of the mouth of the volcano. It’s such an exhilarating experience that it is easy for our Day Self to remember both the event and the feeling of blasting upward, once we awaken. It’s awesome the things you can experience with your Night Self because it is impervious to any type of physical harm and can travel to any place in the universe with the quickness of thought.


The following Stewardship Angels were also called upon during the enchantment process to imbue their special energy into the Dream Stones:


Kaliisher: Angel of Dream Memory

Oudicael: Angel of Lucid Dreams

Laraja: Angel of Prophetic Dreams

Dalsaleen: Angel of Message Dreams

Jelehnessu: Angel of Discernment

Partalon: Angel of the Night Self

Ulyvindr: Angel of Memory

Xekael: Angel of Xe-Ka Synergistic Amplification

Oarquhar: Angel of Higher Self

Enchanted Double-Terminated Smoky/Amethyst/Clear Quartz Dream Stone Scepter

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