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Thus is a solid, heavyweight clear quartz sphere pendulum that feels awesome and is very responsive dangling from your hand. It is a wonderful magickal tool to enhance your ability to find anything; from finding a Twin Flame, to choosing the best lottery numbers, finding the best place to fish, or even finding a lost or missing person, this pendulum can help greatly.


This 1.5-inch pendulum contains a natural clear quartz crystal sphere with a silver point. It comes with a silver 7-inch chain that includes a stone for each of the body’s energy centers.


This pendulum has been enchanted in a Circle of Power by three Adepts of Celestine Light to find whatever tangible item it is willed to seek; from gold, to dowsing for water, to the answer of a question, or something special you are looking for, using this pendulum will lead you to that which you seek.


Exact instructions including the magickal activating Word of Power will be included with the pendulum when it is shipped to its new owner.


The following Stewardship Angels were also called upon during the enchantment to imbue their special energy into the pendulum:


Shalilth, the Angel of Helpfulness

Zharaies, the Angel of Vision

Qallius, the Angel of Imagination

Iskkeneder, the Angel of the Unseen

Urarella, the Angel of Choices

Vaalderyn, the angel of Resonance

Lehona, the Angel of Truth

Jelehnessu, the Angel of Discernment

Vawanoki, the Angel of Observation

Aqudikael, the Angel of Aura

Bronkanon, the Angel of Dowsing

Oarquhar, the Angel of Higher Self

Enchanted Clear Quartz Sphere Pendulum

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