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Inside every person, whether they realize it or not, is a brilliant creator waiting to burst out. Original creation can take many forms: artist, songwriter, gourmet chef, musician, interior designer, singer, inventor, actor, author, architect, potter, game designer, software writer, dancer, and many more.

Being a creator not only uplifts you, it also blesses others who get to share and benefit from your creations. In many instances your creations can become your legacy that lives on after you have passed, continuing to bless the world with your contribution.


Sadly, most people never have the opportunity to let their amazing inner creator manifest their masterpieces. Lack of encouragement and support, or simply lack of time and energy after the energy-sapping daily routine of work and chores, means many people never even make a serious attempt to discover and release the wonder of their creative abilities.


The enchanted Chrome Quartz Crystals wash away all limitations and blockages keeping you from becoming a creator of wonders, whatever your heart leads you to create. It has been enchanted by three Adepts in a Celestine Light Circle of Power. Set it within 3-4 feet and visual sight of where you are when you are ready to begin creating, and ideas, understanding, and innate abilities will rapidly flow to you in abundance. All of your natural creative abilities, even those you never knew you had, will quickly leap out to the forefront of your imagination leading you to quickly manifest marvelous creations that will bring you deep inner fulfillment.


Chrome Quartz Crystals imbued with the Creator enchanted energy are very rare and special crystals. We have searched for years to find a suitable gemstone or crystal to hold the powerful enchanted energy of creation, and none ever met the necessary affinity to hold magickal creative energy and the capacity to hold it in abundance until now.


These beautiful crystals are themselves creations of genius. They are authentic quartz crystals, but they were grown over a 6 month period in laboratory-controlled conditions rather than evolving in the Earth. This in itself is an amazing creative process and one of the reasons these crystals can hold such a powerful, magickal energy of creation.  The green color comes from the element chromium that is in the silica that slowly grows into the magnificent crystal clusters we enchant. Just looking at these spectacular crystal clusters will continually inspire and motivate you to create something new and wonderful.


Shimwemwe, the Archangel of Creative Expansion, was called upon during the enchantment process to imbue his energy into the Chrome Quartz Crystal Cluster. By calling upon the Archangel responsible for all creative expansion, all of the Stewardship Angels working in that province are called upon as well as needed. These include:


Gilryphion, the Angel of Acting

Yvongvar, the Angel of Culinary Arts

Tulbadanbur, the Angel of Ceramic Arts

Sauchlan, the Angel of Dance

Lacalalji, the Angel of Design

Solwenn, the Angel of Drawing

Valambujiya, the Angel of Glass Arts

Qallias, the Angel of Imagination

Kajallias, the Angel of Music

Halchedis, the Angel of Painting

Daristiona, the Angel of Writing


There are many other Angels of Stewardship that are not listed that bless us under the province of Shimwemwe, the Angel of Creative Expansion.


Additional Stewardship Angels called upon during the enchantment process to imbue their energy into the Chrome Quartz Crystal Cluster included:


Karondarel, the Angel of Manifestation

Ralchosabar, the Angel of Self-confidence

Sijon, the Angel of Achievement

Jorentin, the Angel of Ideas

Yisradan, the Angel of Ingenuity

Ahnsovald, the Angel of Ventures

Lakajinal, the Angel of Life Purpose

Carmetisia, the Angel of Passion

Enchanted Chrome Quartz Crystal Cluster

$635.00 Regular Price
$317.50Sale Price
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