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Chiastolite, also known as Cross Stone, is an unusual natural variation of the mineral Andalusite, which normally does not have a cross pattern.


In ancient Europe and North Africa Chiastolite was worn to protect from the “evil eye” as well as curses and negative thoughts sent the wearer’s way.


In ancient China, where quality Chiastolite was first discovered and exported to other countries, it symbolized the four points of the compass: north, south, east, and west. It was believed that a Chiastolite stone placed in the center of the house would emanate Chi energy throughout the home, bestowing peace, harmony, and good health to all within.


The name Chiastolite is derived from the Greek word "chiastos," which means cruciform or crosswise, depending upon how it is used. In ancient times it was also known as the “Square Cross,” “Equal-Armed Cross,” “Balanced Cross,” and “Peaceful Cross,” It is an ancient symbol predating Christianity and was ubiquitous during the Neolithic and Bronze Ages in Europe. Ancient cultures revered the “cross in a stone “as a connection to God, bestowing the blessing of God’s protection.


The symbol of an equal-armed cross within a circle is thought to have represented the sun in ancient cultures. When found in that form Chiastolite is often called a “sun cross” or “solar cross.”


Anthropologists also speculate that it may have represented the harmonious union of male and female.


In modern times the scientific symbol of an equal-lateral cross within a circle represents the planet Earth.


Our Chiastolite pendants have been enchanted by three Adepts in a Circle of Power to emanate a powerful magickal energy of protection from curses, hexes, spells, negative thoughts, and all types of psychic attacks. It will not return those evil intentions to the sender like some other enchanted items. Instead, it will simply diffuse them and send out an energy of love and peace to mollify the person who sent them.


These enchanted pendants are highly protective and will form a bubble of protection around the wearer warding off harmful energies and people and alerting the wearer when threats are imminent.

On a more personal note, the Chiastolite pendants have also been enchanted to relieve stress and bring calm, peace, and serenity to the wearer despite the turmoil that might be bubbling all around them.


They are especially helpful if someone is suffering from a bad illness, a stressful financial or relationship situation, or fearfully nearing death, to put their thoughts and emotions in a peaceful place, eliminating anxiety and fear.


It has also been enchanted to counter arguments and disagreements. In place of anger and division, it will help forge a peaceful, harmonious agreement.


During the enchantment process, the following Stewardship Angels were also called upon to imbue their special energy into the Chiastolite pendants:


Yarterish, the Angel of Stress-relief

Leisyll, the Angel of Calm

Shalilth, the Angel of Helpfulness

Vohumanah, the Angel of Optimism

Nayaliel, the Angel of Release

Sarayavanush, the Angel of Patience

Azkael, the Angel of Magickal Defense

Vestansaniel, the Angel of Relationship Harmony

Shezarli, the Angel of Unconditional Love

Raleaus, the Angel of Soul Passage

Austeljas, the Angel of Protection

Enchanted Chiastolite Circle Pendant

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