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This is an extremely powerful magickal symbol that is one of the rare items that emanates magickal energy even before it has been enchanted!


Magickal power exudes from this metallic/enameled pendant in three ways:

1. The sigil and all of its varied visual elements combine to exude a wide variety of beneficial magickal energies.
2. Some of the enameled components are composed of natural fluorescing minerals which are inherently magical and amplify the power of spells and enchantments done in their presence.
3. Each Celestine Light Pendant and Brooch has been enchanted by three Adepts in a Celestine Light Circle of Power for the specific purposes stated below:


  •     Wearing the pendant or brooch will continually call out and unleash the greater personal gifts and powers within you.
  •     It will help you to project the best version of yourself in any situation from romance to profession.
  •     You will be energized and inspired to be creative and motivated to try new ventures and find solutions to old challenges with new ideas.
  •     All of your energy centers will be excited and expanded helping you to be at your optimum when you need it, from having clearer mental cognition, to greater emotional passion, to instilling a desire and willpower you need to exercise and eat a healthy diet.
  •     The enchanted pendant or brooch will strongly repel negative forces, energies, and entities including demons.
  •     The enchanted pendant or brooch will connect you to your Higher Self helping you realize more profoundly your connection and relationship to God and all life.

The following Stewardship were also called upon during the enchantment process to imbue their special energy into the enchanted pendants and brooches:


Xeramqua, Angel of the Xe Ki    
Kazatorel, Angel of the Ka Ki    
Marsanqo, Angel of the Qo Ki    
Jaliziya, Angel of the Ja Ki    
Zagallis, Angel of the Za Ki    
Wzzarel, Angel of the Wz Ki    
Sazashivm, Angel of the Vm Ki
Elchiyus, Angel of Faith    
Wezantiel, Archangel of Longevity
Vohumanah, Angel of Optimism    
Veliton, Angel of Action  
Sardarondel, Angel of Mental Clarity
Q0lega, Angel of Excellence    
Oarquhar, Angel  of the Higher Self
Ujara, Angel of Unleashing Inner Psychic And Paranormal Powers
Graszaneen, Angel Of Self-Empowerment
Zarquel, Angel of Self-Motivation
Ralchosabar, Angel of Self-Confidence
Austelja, Angel of Protection
Omarel, Angel of Demon Protection
Kadonacia, Angel of Spiritual Awakening
Balderan, Angel of Spiritual Discernment
Serusha, Angel of Spiritual Development
Stradanel, Angel of Character

Enchanted Celestine Light Magickal Pendant

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