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These are beautiful and detailed 3D unicorn carvings on color-flash discs of Labradorite. Every disc and the colors it displays is unique and some discs have more vibrant color flashes than others.


Please look at the drop-down for pictures of each item to see the colors it flashes and the color that calls to you the most.


Each color-flash Labradorite Unicorn Disc has been enchanted by three Adepts with over 150 years of combined experience, in a Celestine Light Circle of Power, to bring the bearer good fortune.


These are powerful enchanted items that will bring good fortune your way whenever it can have sway.


The magickal effect calls and amplifies your best abilities and skills at the moment they are needed, and helps you sense a resonance of success whenever the time for you to act is auspicious.


To have the maximum magickal effect and benefit of good luck and fortune, you should carry the enchanted Labradorite Unicorn Disc in your pocket or in a pouch so it is near your body.


The following Stewardship Angels were also called upon during the enchantment ritual to imbue their special angelic energy into the Labradorite Unicorn Discs:


Ahnsovald: Angel of Ventures

Karondarel: Angel of Manifestation

Paschar: Angel of Blessings

Qolega: Angel of Excellence

Shuzuwass: Angel of Positive Possibilities

Veliton: Angel of Action

Wizmar: Angel of Good Fortune


Size: (approx.) 45x11mm,   Weight: 40-45g

Enchanted Carved Unicorn in Labradorite

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