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This is an exquisite gemstone sculpture in gray agate surrounding a druzy quartz crystal-lined geode. The sculpture is well-proportioned with great detail and a high polish. The back side of the geode is thin enough that placing a small light on that side shines through the agate and illuminates the interior of the geode with a mysterious glow.


This beautiful gemstone carved eagle has been enchanted by three Adepts in a Celestine Light Circle of Power to be a catalyst for the owner to receive uplifting, inspiring visions showing the paths and choices to their brightest future.


The magick will work with great power, instilling clear mental images and understanding, if you hold the eagle in your hand while also holding a small light behind it to illuminate the interior of the geode. In this manner simply stare into the interior of the illuminated geode core of the eagle and state aloud, “Show the path, show the way, brilliantly forward from this very day.”


The Enchanted Eagle can be used for many other types of visions of guidance as well. Using its magick can give you insight and help you to understand all manner of dynamics in relationships and situations, as well as offering glimpses into the future if current energies continue along the path they are on.


The following Stewardship Angels were also called upon during the enchantment process to imbue their special energy into the Enchanted Eagle Sculpture:


Dalsaleen, Angel of Message Dreams

Judan, Angel of Secrets Revealed

Karondarel, Angel of Manifestation

Sardarondel, Angel of Mental Clarity

Sarkaroc, Angel of Catalyst Energy

Shuzuwass, Angle of Positive Possibilities

Uljani, Angel of Meditation

Vivasianna, Angel of Honest Introspection

Xeramqua, Angel of the Xe Ki

Xezerahim, Angel of Higher Consciousness

Larsarai, Angel of Focus

Molchan, Angel of Knowledge

Ahnsovald, Angel of Ventures

Zharaies, Angel of Vision

Laraja, Angel of Prophetic Dreams

Lehona, Angel of Truth

Jelehnessu, Angel of Discernment


Size: 132x98x57mm (5”x4”x2.25”)           Weight: 792g (1 lb.12 oz.)

Light to backlight and illuminate geode and batteries are included.

Enchanted Carved Eagle in Agate Geode

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