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Though they are not often associated together in public perception, astral travel, and lucid dreaming work very well in tandem. This partnership is encouraged in Celestine Light and facilitated by enchanted blue goldstone.


Astral travel is when a part of your spirit separates from your body and travels anywhere from across the room to across the universe. If you are awake when this occurs it will be a conscious action that you will be able to remember. However, it most often occurs spontaneously while you are asleep and you awaken with no memory of the night travels of your spirit.


Lucid dreaming on the other hand, usually occurs while you are sleeping at night and is an ability that allows you to be conscious of what is occurring in your dreams and to be able to make choices and take actions as you choose within your dream. You are such a master of your dream state that you can change any aspect of it. For example, you can morph holding a pen into holding a knife, or, change the setting from a medieval time to a science-fiction scene in the future.


Our Blue Goldstone palm stones have been imbued by three Adepts in a Celestine Light Circle of Power with potent magickal energies to initiate and enhance astral travel, lucid dreaming, and dream memory. The enchantment imbued within Blue Goldstone will enhance your ability to either astral travel or lucid dream independent of each other or, unite the two abilities while you sleep to initiate you into powerful lucid dreams that guide your spirit to specific places and people that you wish to visit in your night travels.


During the enchantment process, the following Stewardship Angels were also called upon to imbue their special energy into the enchanted palm stones:


Yaanizani, the Angel of Astral Travel

Oudicael, the Angel of Lucid Dreams

Kaliisher, the Angel of Dream Memory


To benefit from the enchantment of the blue goldstone, simply invoke its magick at night just before you go to sleep by holding it between your palms and speaking aloud three times where or who you wish your spirit to visit during your night travels. Then place the enchanted blue goldstone in close proximity to where you are sleeping so that your body will be within range of its magickal energy.


About: Goldstone is a manufactured gemstone using quartz silica sand, tiny crystals such as metallic copper which create the reflective sparkles, and various glass-forming minerals including potash and lime, which are used mainly to lower the melting point of the quartz. It is created in a furnace inside a graphite crucible and forms an amorphous crystal structure.


Creating goldstone is an expensive and exact art. The temperature of the vat of glass must be controlled very precisely and the oxygen content minimized in an airtight furnace to ensure that the glass melts into a liquid state but remains cool enough to not melt or oxidize the metallic reflective additives. 


Once the goldstone has correctly formed in the crucible the vat is slowly cooled to help the goldstone crystallize properly to make sure it doesn't become brittle and to also ensure proper crystallization of the goldstone. The creation process causes two unavoidable and less-than-desirable effects that influence the price of goldstone. First, the cooling and amalgamation process draws the largest brightest flakes toward the center making the core the most valuable area. Second, due to the metallic compounds, it is almost always necessary to break and destroy the expensive graphite crucible to extract the goldstone, whereas normal glass will just slip out of the crucible in a big block once it has cooled allowing the crucibles to be reused many times.


Goldstone comes in four colors. Brown is the most common. Blue is rarer, with green rarer still, and red extremely rare and difficult to find, even in small sizes.


Size: 60x40x20 mm  

Enchanted Blue Goldstone Palm Stone

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