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With its vivid pink colors Rhodocrosite has a natural affinity for love and happiness. We seek out special pieces of Rhodocrosite with intense patches of pink to aid in the beneficial enchantments we imbue into the gemstone to greatly enhance its natural energies.


This Rhodocrosite egg has been enchanted in a Circle of Power by three Celestine Light Adepts. It will be a magickal battery of light to the possessor whenever they are feeling down or anxious about any situation in life. It will quickly help lift worry or depression. It will help to see the positive and not dwell upon the negative. It will help open the heart that has closed and bring a fresh more optimistic outlook on any problems that are vexing. It will also inspire new ideas and solutions to problems and challenges that had seemed too much to bear or unsolvable. It will soothe stress and promote creative solutions to any problem by dissipating blockages in the aura or any energy center in the body it is placed upon.


The following Stewardship Angels were called upon during the enchantment process to imbue their special energy into the sphere:


Qwertheyrn, the Angel of Attitude

Leisyll, the Angel of Calm

Vohumanah, the Angel of Optimism

Nayaliel, the Angel of Release

Luxellios, the Angel of Self Love

Joretin, the Angel of Ideas

Paschar, the Angel of Blessings


How to Unleash the Magick:

To utilize the magickal power imbued inside the Rhodocrosite to lift your mood and find solutions to problems, hold the egg in your fingers between your two hands. Find a gray patch somewhere on the egg and focus on it. Mentally thrust your problem, depression or bad mood into that spot on the egg. Now slowly rotate the egg taking note of the various color bands. There will be some more thin gray lines but also some bands of pale pink and some very vivid. These represent the dark and the light of life's journey. Let it help you realize that life is never all good or all bad, it's always a little of both. But for right now, at this moment in time, you need your life, your thoughts and your emotions, to be lifted up into the light and solutions revealed that can excite and motivate you to take positive action.


Now rotate the egg to the brightest patch of vivid pink. This spot is the energy of rapid, positive change to love, happiness, cheer, success, and new beginnings. Stare at that spot for at least a minute or more without saying a word. During this time let your mind go blank. When the time has passed take a big breath through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Then simply say, “I invoke the magick.”


Now the Rhodochrosite egg will begin emitting and continue to emit enchanted energy to specifically help you with your current mood or challenge. Keep the egg on you or within a foot of you until the transformation to light occurs, which will normally be within the next hour. Continue to keep the egg on or near you thereafter to continually bask in its splendid energy!


The enchantment will work for many years on many challenges and moods. Just follow the same procedure anytime you need a mental or emotional lift. And from time to time look again at the patterns of gray and pink on the sphere and remember life is a journey with ups and downs, failures and success. But with your magick egg, you now have a lot more control to initiate positive change to limit and overcome the challenges.


SIZE: 69g, 40mm x 30mm

Enchanted Rhodocrosite Egg

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