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Angel Aura Quartz is a scintillating rainbow of colors created by molecularly bonding vaporized platinum and silver at 1600°F in a vacuum chamber to clear quartz crystal. The atoms of metallic elements fuse to the crystals creating a new mineral variant and not just a coating or plating effect.

The blending of the precious metals with a quality quartz crystal lends itself to superb enchantments.


This beautiful iridescent angel aura quartz crystal cluster has been enchanted by three Celestine Light Adepts in a Circle of Power and imbued with multiple magickal energies.


The vibrant crystal cluster has been enchanted to coalesce angelic energy, creating a bubble of protection within five feet of the crystal cluster which will repel all negative entities, energies, blobs and even demons.


It will help you to bring the best version of yourself forward, which will in turn open doors to opportunities that otherwise would have been closed. Having the crystal cluster near you will allow you to more quickly and deeply get into a meditative state to commune and communicate with your Higher Self and higher beings.


The bubble of light created by the Angel Aura Quartz will also help buoy your mood and bring about a state of peace, tranquility, calm and serenity. When you are down hold it in your hand and take yourself in your mind to a happy place, even if it is only one you have dreamed about but never visited.

The following angels were also called upon to imbue the divine energy of their stewardship into the crystal cluster during the enchantment:


Leisyll, Angel of Calm

Nayaliel, Angel of Release

Lahariel, Angel of Air

Elliquel, Angel of Contentment

Austelja, Angel of Protection

Amvariel, Angel of Negative Entity Protection

Yaterish, Angel of Stress Relief

Uljani, Angel of Meditation

Omarel, Angel of Demon Protection

Halamshael. Angel of Best Personal Character

Enchanted Aura Crystal Cluster

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