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Due to their ability to retain magickal energy for very long periods and amplify spells and enchantments, there are three minerals can lay claim to the title of “Sorcerer's Stone.” They are Nuummite, Pietersite, and Astrophyllite. Of the three, Astrophyllite is the most interesting because it can occur with other important magickal minerals such as garnet, which expands its possibilities and potential.


Astrophyllite is a very rare form of the mineral titanium. It is only found in a few places on the Earth and then only in very small quantities. Even in those locations, it is very difficult to mine and hence is rarely seen in jewelry or ornamentation. It is a very thin, crystal that looks like a starburst spray of metallic silver or gold. The ancient Greeks called it “astron phyllon” meaning “star leaf.”


Typically, only a few tiny sprays of Astrophyllite will be seen in the host matrix rock which is normally just a boring, dark-colored mineral. We search very diligently through sources all over the world, to locate Astrophyllite spheres and wands that not only are full of brilliant specimens of the radiating light mineral but also contain copious amounts of garnet in the host rock. Garnet adds valuable additional magickal qualities and potential to the enchanted sphere. Its effect is particularly powerful when the garnets are red in color rather than the more common brown, and especially potent when we can very rarely obtain translucent red garnets in the host rock matrix.


Each rare Astrophyllite/Garnet sphere or wand we are lucky enough to obtain is enchanted in a Celestine Light Circle of Power by three Adepts. It is imbued with magickal energy to maximize its potential to retain magickal energy and amplify the effects of any subsequent spell or enchantment it is used with.


It was also enchanted in the Circle of Power to act as a magickal signpost. When a choice or decision is to be made in life, the magickal energy radiating out of the Astrophyllite sphere or wand will help the possessor to make the best choices of the highest light. These choices will subsequently help them to grow and expand their life, character, spirituality, mental, and magickal abilities, greater and higher than they would have otherwise been.


Psychically, our Astrophyllite spheres and wands are enchanted to enhance the clairvoyant ability of the possessor. This is another natural attribute of Astrophyllite that has been tremendously amplified in the enchantment process. If you are someone that has never been clairvoyant, the magickal energy radiating from this wand will initiate opening that psychic door. If you are already clairvoyant, you will notice much greater clarity, detail, and vividness in your visions.


One other really cool natural effect of Astrophyllite is it does not need to be constantly around you to produce many of its beneficial magickal effects. Because it is an extremely potent magickal object if you have it near you for a few hours a day and then are away from it the rest of the day, you will still enjoy most of its magickal blessings or abilities, such as clairvoyance. However, it should be as close as possible whenever it is being used to enhance spells or enchantments.


In addition to the magick instilled in the Astrophyllite sphere by the three Celestine Light Adepts, the following Stewardship Angels were also called upon to imbue their divine energy into the sphere:


Yataliyal, the Angel of Clairvoyance

Aqudikael, the Angel of Aura

Wizalaray, the Angel of Enchantments

Yodaocer, the Angel of Elemental Force

Urarella, the Angel of Choices

To most clearly see the radiant Astrophyllite star bursts and the red color of the garnets hold your Astrophyllite sphere in the sun or under a bright light.

Whenever possible put your Astrophyllite sphere or wand in the sun. The rays of the sun will further charge the Astrophyllite drawing in more and more magickal energy. Most enchanted objects lose strength over time, but enchanted Astrophyllite will continue to gain power every year if it is frequently placed in the sun.


Note: Astrophyllite spheres are polished, but wands are unpolished unless otherwise noted. Despite the lack of a polished shine, the wands tend to more easily show the silver and gold Astrophyllite crystals, due to the fact that their very fine needle-like shape displays better on a flat surface rather than a curved surface. With both spheres and wands, the brighter the light the more the silver-gold Astrophyllite crystals will jump out to see.

Enchanted Astrophyllite Wand

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