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Radiating gold and silver-rayed astrophyllite is aptly nicknamed the “Sorcerer’s Stone.” Geologically, astrophyllite is very rare. It is a titanium mineral that erupted from deep within the Earth and is found in only a few places on the planet and in very small quantities. Even in those locations, it is very difficult to mine and hence is rarely seen in jewelry or ornamentation. It is a very thin crystal that looks like a radiating star burst spray of metallic silver or gold. The ancient Greeks called it “Astron Phylon” meaning “star leaf.”


Typically, only a few tiny sprays of astrophyllite will be faintly seen in the host matrix rock which is normally just a boring, dark-colored mineral. We search very diligently through sources all over the world to locate astrophyllite spheres and wands that not only are full of brilliant specimens of the radiating light mineral, but also contain copious amounts of garnet in the host rock. Garnet adds valuable additional magickal qualities and potential to the enchanted sphere. Its effect is particularly powerful when the garnets are red in color rather than the more common brown, and especially potent when we can very rarely obtain translucent red garnets in the host rock matrix.


Recently, we were able to obtain a few spheres with the most spectacular garnets we have ever seen in astrophyllite. Plus, the spheres have a more expert, brilliant polish than is typically seen with astrophyllite. Hold the spheres under a bright light or in the sunlight to see the garnets and sprays of astrophyllite most vividly.


When distinctive, well-formed, red garnets occur in astrophyllite they present a rare magickal opportunity. Red garnets of this quality have a natural multidimensional affinity involving anything creative: from writing a book, to painting a picture, or creating an original musical score. Combined with the magickal amplification achievable when astrophyllite is enchanted, the creative possibilities from brilliant ideas to finished artworks are boundless and beyond the normal creative process. The garnets in enchanted astrophyllite literally open up mental connections and images to other worlds and dimensions. The breathtaking creative end results can be something very original that has never before been seen on our planet.


These special astrophyllite/garnet spheres have been magickally enchanted in a Celestine Light Circle of Power by three Energy Adepts, who have over 150 years of combined magickal experience. They have been imbued with potent magickal energy to inspire brilliant bursts of creative imagination and manifestation and to use the natural affinity of the Sorcerer’s Stone to amplify the effects of any subsequent spell or enchantment it is used with for any good and noble purpose.


Enchanted astrophyllite also has a strong natural affinity for the Xe energy center, which is your internal source and connection to your psychic and paranormal abilities. Just being around the sphere, without any particular intention, your psychic and paranormal abilities will be enhanced and more likely to spontaneously manifest.


This is particularly true for clairvoyance.  If you are someone that has never been clairvoyant the magickal energy radiating from this sphere will initiate opening that psychic door. If you are already clairvoyant, you will notice much greater clarity, detail, and vividness in your visions.


Another awesome natural effect of Astrophyllite is it does not need to be constantly around you to produce many of its beneficial magickal effects. Because it is an extremely potent magickal object, if you have it near you for a few hours a day and then are away from it the rest of the day, you will still enjoy most of its magickal blessings or abilities, such as clairvoyance. However, it should be as close as possible whenever it is being used to enhance spells or enchantments.


Shazar, the Angel of Fire, was specifically called upon to imbue the garnets in these spheres with his potent angelic energy to give passion and life to new creations.


The following Stewardship Angels were also called upon in the enchantment process to imbue their special energy into these astrophyllite/garnet spheres:


Yataliyal: Angel of Clairvoyance

Aqudikael: Angel of Aura

Wizalaray: Angel of Enchantments

Yodaocer: Angel of Elemental Force

Urarella: Angel of Choices

Iskkeneder: Angel of the Unseen

Judan: Angel of Secrets Revealed

Karondarel: Angel of Manifestation

Letasius: Angel of Interdimensional Connections

Oarquhar: Angel of Higher Self

Qallias: Angel of Imagination

Uharlize: Angel Unleashing Psychic & Paranormal Powers

Zharaies: Angel of Vision

Xekael: Angel of Xe-Ka Synergistic Amplification

Xeomilaith: Angel of Psychic & Paranormal Abilities Amplification

Xezerahim: Angel of Higher Consciousness


Size: 60mm (approx)  


Whenever possible put your Astrophyllite/garnet sphere in the sun. The rays of the sun will further charge the sphere drawing in more and more magickal energy. Most enchanted objects lose strength over time, but enchanted Astrophyllite will continue to gain power every year if it is frequently placed in the sun.

Enchanted Astrophyllite and Garnet Spheres

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