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Have you ever felt angry or depressed for no reason whatsoever, or overly react in angry ways to something trivial? Have you ever been around someone that is actually a very nice person but you still feel drained of your own energy if you spend even a small amount of time with them? Have you ever experienced mental confusion or disorientation even though you have not been drinking alcohol or taking drugs? Have you ever entered a hospital or some other place people are suffering, or a place like a dimly lit bar where people are trying to drown their sorrows and felt anxious and uneasy? Have you ever encountered a person or place that for no apparent reason gives you chills or the heebie-jeebies?


If you answered yes to any of those questions you almost certainly encountered one or more people that had negative energies or entities attached to their auric field. Most people have had some of those dark energies attached to their own aura at various times in their life and they can really put someone in a downward spiral.


Back in the late 90's we were blessed to receive this four-color, geometric symbol from one of our friends from higher realms. As they are so useful we had some custom-made with enamel laid on shiny gold-like metal as we were instructed from higher realms.


Once enchanted for their purpose these little symbols become powerful wards to repel negative energies and entities. It will not remove them from other people, but it will help them stay off of you and prevent them from attaching to your aura if you encounter another person afflicted with them on their aura. Usually, you can wear them visible like a piece of jewelry, or even hidden under your clothing. However, if you are entering or working in an area with a high likelihood of many negative energies and entities such as a bar or a hospital, it is best to wear the pin outside of your clothing where it is visible for maximum effect.


These Anti-Entity Wards have been enchanted in a Celestine Light Circle of Power by three Adepts. The following Stewardship Angels were also called upon during the enchantment process to imbue their special energy into the Anti-Entity Wards:


50. Yodaocer, the Angel of Elemental Force

53. Iskkeneder, the Angel of the Unseen

93. Aqudikael, the Angel of Aura

141, Austelja, the Angel of Protection

Enchanted Anti-entity Pin

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