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Ancestor spheres are potent magickal objects that allow you to clearly communicate not only with your own deceased ancestors, but also with other historic individuals you may wish to seek guidance and wisdom from. Anyone from your great grandparents to Napoleon or Cleopatra. Even if you have never communicated with the spirits that have passed from this life and perhaps don't even consider that you could have this ability, it is possible with the help of an enchanted Ancestor Sphere.


The Ancestor Spheres are cut and shaped from blocks of natural stone composed of thousands of ancient, marine fossils in a wide variety of types, shapes, and sizes representing over a thousand species, many of which are now extinct.


The great variety of shapes and sizes play an important role in the magickal function of the Ancestor Spheres. For each person you wish to communicate with that has passed from this life, you choose one of the fossils in the Ancestor Sphere to hold the energy of that person. Every time you seek to communicate with them you focus on that single fossil on the sphere. The spheres come with additional detailed instructions on how to use them for quick and clear success.


Each Ancestor Sphere is enchanted by three Adepts in a Celestine Light Circle of Power. Additionally, the following Stewardship Angels were called upon to imbue their specialized divine energy into the spheres:


Iskkeneder: the Angel of the Unseen

Lehona: the Angel of Truth

Jaelkavel: the Angel of Legacy

Khronosios: the Angel of Time

Ukolesqua: the Angel of Past Lives

Iustachys: the Angel of Interlife Connections

Enchanted Ancestor Stone Sphere

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