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Destined to be a prized part of their special collection of power crystals for a few lucky people, these exquisite enchanted crystal points are rare six-sided amethyst phantoms. Percolating for millions of years in the earth the amethyst grew over a semi-transparent quartz crystal and then was covered during a later geologic episode with crystal clear quartz.


The melding of the clear quartz and amethyst left the original amethyst point still clearly defined like a ghost inside the clear crystal. All six sides of the inner amethyst point are present and can most easily be seen by looking through the polished clear quartz at the six-sided tip of the inner amethyst crystal.


The enchanted amethyst phantom crystals are priced individually based upon the size of the crystal, point and quality of the crystal, and inner amethyst phantom.


Each amethyst phantom crystal has been enchanted by three Adepts in a Celestine Light Circle of Power to help the holder of the enchanted crystal to evolve to a higher spiritual and creative level as they need and desire.


On a spiritual level, meditating and/or praying while holding and staring into the crystal will facilitate a connection both to God and to your own Higher Self. As you reflect upon your path in life or life challenges, being enveloped in the magickal energy of the amethyst phantom crystal will help you make the connections to higher sources and receive the answers you seek. They will often come as unexpected flashes of knowledge and insight that help you clearly realize the path you need to take moving forward.


The enchanted amethyst phantom crystal works similarly for helping to inspire and motivate you for creative endeavors as creativity is itself a connection to the divine within you and around you. If you have reached a plateau in your creative endeavors, or are just trying to decide what creative medium you wish to pursue, meditating upon it while staring at the amethyst phantom crystal held in your hand will bring a sudden burst of inspiration and clarity of direction. This will be true for any type of creative endeavor including music, dance, artwork in all types of media, performance art, and many more. The enchanted amethyst phantom crystal will help unleash the great artist inside of you!


The following Stewardship Angels were called upon during the enchantment process to imbue their special energy into the crystal to benefit whoever possesses it. As a side note, we rarely call upon Archangels in any of our enchantments, as they tend to be managers of dozens of stewardship angels, rather than angels to call upon directly. But the enchantment for these beautiful amethyst phantom crystals needed to summon three Archangels because the enchantment is so expansive with so many possibilities for manifestation!


Balasuintha: Archangel of Personal Development

Gabriel: Archangel of Spiritual Connections

Shimwemwe: Archangel of Creative Expression

Oarquhar: Angel of Higher Self

Pleusamel: Angel of telepathy answers from angelic sources

Qwazelle: Angel of out-of-the-box bursts of inspiration

Serusha: Angel of Spiritual Development

Xezerahim: Angel of Higher Consciousness

Enchanted Amethyst Phantom Crystal Points

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